Temple Leaders Meetings with Guyana Officials, September 25, 1978

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the three reverse sides of the pages on this memo were not transcribed.]


Deborah Touchette
Sept. 25, 1978

Lionel Luckhoo
w/ Deb, Ralph J. [Jackson]

– Sir Lionel has been quite helpful, and very friendly since the visit of [Joe] Mazor and Mark Lane and [Charles] Garry,

– at first he said he couldn’t imagine that the 400.00$ could be for anything else but bail, and thought it strange, he said if they want you to pay that, have Sen. Supt. Clement call me and I will issue a check in your behalf.

– he told Ralph no matter what, he should plead not guilty.

– Clement did call him, and he issued the check with a cover letter stating that the check was an agreement with the fact that the charges would be dropped.

– he called and told me he had done this and to drop by his office in the morning before Ralph goes to court, to make sure everything is o.k.

– I made the policeman that was taking us to court to stop in,

– at first lionel said he would send someone to rep. us if necessary,

– I told him that Sen. Supt. Clement had written to dismiss the case at the bottom of the arrest order.

– Lionel said that would be good enough.

– the magestrate called Ralph and asked him why he did not appear in court?

– she asked if he pleded guilty, or not guilty?

– he said, not guilty,

– the police handed her the arrest order, and she dismissed the case.

– I paid Lionel the money back that same morning.

– Lionel has been very hard to get in to see in the past, and has given us the rush treatment…

– but I popped into his office several times a day until this case was resolved without appt. and he saw us each time, and was plesant while doing so.

– by the way, we did give him a case of cassettes, and a catalog of taperecorders that he could choose from, as well as a taperecorder, until he is abole to get the one he really wants.


G-1-a-10b [Reverse side of G-1-a-10a, not transcribed]



Deborah Touchette

Sept. 26, 1978

Sen. Supt. Clement/Commissioner

w/ Ralph [Jackson] & Deb

– Clement told us that the commissioner had agreed to dismiss the charges since the money had been paid, and showed me the check and the letter that Sir Lionel had sent to him.

– He called in a police officer to escort us to Brickdam police station, and then to the court.

– just before we lest [left], he told me as soon as the proceedings were over, to come back to the police station, Ralph and I both, that the Commissioner wanted to speak to Ralph, that he did not have time right at the moment, but as soon as it was over to come back.

– Ralph and I started to walk in the office togather, but the Supt. Clement would not let me go in, he said the Commissioner would likt to speak to Ralph alone.

– I really got worried, I told him I didn’t understand thsi, what was the cause of this,

– I’m sorry this is the way he wants it, he said,

– Ralph went in and I sat outside steeming… (I knew if they did anything I was going to go with him)

– Ralph was not a matter of minutes…

– Clement said if you look like your [you’re] really upset, I brought him back in one piece…

– I said well, I don’t understand what is so secretive…

– he said there is nothing secretive, the commissioner just wanted to have a word with him

– Ralph said the commissioner and told him the next time if something like this happens, it is not a big thing, that he should obey the law and report to the court as told, dont call the different commissions, just go directly to court in the future.

– in any case, Ralph’s situation is now straightened out and it cost a total of 500.00$… 100.00$ bail and 400.00$ for the lamp post.

– thank you for your guidance, I was really worried., and I double that of ten or more times when I think about you.


G-1-a-11b [Reverse side of G-1-a-11a, not transcribed]

Originally posted on December 10th, 2021.

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