Temple Leaders Meet with Guyana’s Chief Justice, September 26, 1978

[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the reverse side of the page on this memo was not transcribed.]


Deborah Touchette
September 26, 1978

Chief Justice [Harold] Bollers & family
w/ Jim [Jones], Tim [Carter], Terri [Carter Jones], deb.

– we made an appt. to drop by the book Charles Garry sent and said hello.

– the topic of the conversation was the US,

– It seems Judge is planning to go back to the US when he retires so he can practice law there.

– he went on a state dept. tour when he was there several years ago and remembers nothing but beauty, especially in claifornia.

– his wife would like the son to go to a military academy in the south somewhere

– I think they got this from Dick McCoy’s boys because Bollers was talking about how nice Dick McCoy’s boys were.

– he kept asking us all night waht this state was like, what that one was like.

– we explained that as in a large city, there were alot of problems, like raping, shooting theift, as well as poverty and drugs, even offered to children

– I asked him if he was planning to go to the states, he said no, he was just dreaming,

– his wife, then we must do something to live…

– they both said they did’nt want to go to England, it was too stuffy in England, and thy [they] had lived there before for several years, and it was a city of tourist

– Bollers said he would like to go there and practice law at Hastings University

I told them that both Mark Lane and Charles Garry had enjoyed meeting him and Mark had also promised to send them a book.

– Mrs. Bollers asked how Jim was doing?

– Jim told her that your health was very poor and had up to 103 104 temp everyday and that sometimes it reached 105, verdangerous,

– she said she was sorry to here this,

– she wanted to know how marceline was doing?

Jim said she was fine, taht she had gone back to the states for a while for bussiness.


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