Testimonial from Ukiah Doctor, 1968


William M. Vest, MD
415 W. Standley St.
Ukiah, California 95482
Phone: 462-4055

12 Mar 68

To Whom It May Concern:

James W. Jones is a Teacher and ordained Minister of unusually high caliber. He is a public servant of unbounded energy. Those who know him best respect him most as a tireless leader for betterment of mankind.

He is at present a teacher, and as I am told of high standards, a pastor of a flock numbering almost 300 Church members of a devotion sought for in other congregations. He is serving the public also as foreman of the County Grand Jury, as vice president of the Legal Aid Foundation, and is serving with honor to himself and benefit to


us all in many other ways, all without pay at all excepting his salary as a teacher.

Students he brings to Anderson Valley from his congregation of families brings with tuitional income to that school district more, much more I believe than Jim Jones is receiving as salary.

He loves children, and indeed I feel that his dealings with all people are as with deep concern for them.

He has had a prominent part in the formation and operation of a very large orphanage and with no income to himself.

I personally consider any child fortunate to come into the tutelage of James W. Jones.

William M. Vest, MD