Stateside feedback, November

[Editor’s notesThe transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[Likely in an effort to save paper, Temple members often used the reverse side of old documents. That is the case here, and the reverse sides of several pages in these memos were not transcribed.]

November 11
NOV 13
[Undated, November 16 or 17]



– vera wants to know if she should keep her position as secrtaery for NAACP?

– answer to CP’s [could be code for Jim Jones] questions by Sunday nite. Compare message of yesterday with sheet sent on Wednesday. Oxygen refills extra high right now – is there anyway [any way] it can be postponed for several months when there will be no cost on oxygen refills.

– Brians mother [likely Clare Bouquet, mother of Brian Bouquet] said she wont get any of the stuff he asked for until she gets another patch.

– Mark reached to Ryans staff assistant and the NBC guy. Told both that he must go along, must negotiate the date. Ryans staff assistant pushed and saud if CP was refusing Ryan on the appointed date. Mark said no, but that it simply was a matter of trying to be cooperative under difficult circumstances – since a visit requires housing, food transportation etc. (This call was before we gave him our instructions)

He stated that those slated to go are Ryan and his staff member, and Derwinsky [Ed Derwinski (R-Ill.)] and his staff member altho there is some doubt now whether Derwinsky can go. Not definate. Ryan represents House Committee on International Relations which is sponsoring the trip. Ryans aide said he would have Ryan call Mark and arrange a date. Mark recommended coming with Don Harris (NBC) a few days before so he can get a positive feel and then the two go back to the capital to meet Ryan and friends and escort them back in. Mark wants to know if we wanted to contact Steve Davis of ABC and tell him to run the positive story he did (which he never did) and then invite him along. Mark thinks [California Lt. Gov. Mervyn] Dymally is the best bet for balance. Mark seems to understand our point of view and is willing to work with it (i.e. our position of a larger group plus Mark plus no press or nothing.) Will call back as soon as Ryan reaches him. Tom and Jean just noted the coincidence of this guy Harris emerging at this time and his former acquaintance with Mark/maybe not a coincidence, but who knows?

Mark says he will give notice to NBC but thinks its not a good idea – but he will wait until Ryan agrees on a date because he may insisit on the 15th and if he does, the whole thing will be off, anyway, but if a date gets set he will follow through with notice.

– Send Joyce Parks credentials so they will have them for the records. They are trying to work something out.

– [Charles] Garry suggestion about FCC is to talk to [Joe] Mazor  about it and work with him in moving our radio station to Mexico. (When Mazor was here he mentioned something advantageous about having a radio station in Mexico regarding the law which I cannot remember.) They are calling the attorney in Washington for his help.

Nothing else – we passed a lot of traffic to them and still have some more we did not get to tonite but will do so first thing tomorrow.

– Oh Yes – Tim Carter checked in and is doing fine. Nothing new.

– Nothing from TB [Terri Buford] at all.




– MARK: TB [Terri Buford] called him and he gave her the message. She was OK, listened to the message and said to tell Jim not to worry. Mark said he got no indication that her plans were changed, though he said she sounded disturbed that the family was making an issue of it, especially over the phone to him. Mark said he told TB it was a mistake and everyone thought so. TB asked if he would be her lawyer and he said he would have to check with us first because that might mean a conflict but she said no conflict, she just wanted counsel in case the going got tough with the US govt agencies (or US govt.) Mark repeated he would have to check, and she said she would keep in touch.

MARIA’S brother [Anthony Katsaris] just called and said he would take up her offer to come down and will arrive on Pan Am on November 15th at 11 pm.

– Maria will arrive in capital on Sunday and will be in interior on Monday.

– Mark says he has not heard from Ryan directly and if he doesn’t he will write him tonite with our position and to the higher ups in the State Department. Don Harris of NBC says he understands our feelings about NBC coming. Mark says that since Ryan is hostile, briefed by TOS [Tim Stoen] it was Marks conclusion that NBC will show Ryans reaction etc one way or another whether he talked to him in the capital or in LA. Mark thought that since that was going to happen anyway [he] might have a chance to balance that and Don Harris would do it. NBC will be nasty, but maybe if Harris comes he will be nasty and nice too. No way around the fact that Ryans visit is official and NBC is going to do something.

– They havent called Houstons yet because they were waiting to see if this trip comes off and then Mark would invite them from you – to take Ryan back a bit, but Jean told she should invite them as well as Mark.




– Claire Janaro  – told Bonnie [Beck] to apply for transfer of license since she was going permannent. She wasnt told it was permanent bit [but] went ahead and told Bonnie that. Bonnie didn’t double check (but Jean said she seemed hesitatnt when Jean asked her how this all came about without direct instructions.) The paper work on the transfer has begun and would be difficult to undo. Anyway, with that attitude Claire should come for good… But it does show how Bonnie feels, I think. Also Bonnie feels it is the best way she can help us.

– It took two people to run the place, not just Claire alone (but Jenny Cheek was cleared to help run it with Bonnie.)

– Escrow on RWV [Redwood Valley] church closes on Nov 9th

– Judy Merriam and Jewel Runnells – they are both very unhappy at having to stay longer. They will try to arrange temporary solution but it is felt that cannot be put off much after the first part of Dec. (if they stay til then we will not lose the Dec. check.)

– Mark called and took the additional message for TB [Terri Buford] down. Wrote to Ryan with our position. Ryan has not returned his call.

– Mac [Jim McElvane] needs to know the date the second trust deed to Earnest Jones property was made and to whom it was made in favor of. (I’ll ask Jann [Gurvich] or Gene [Chaikin] to find out.)

– AJ [Archie Ijames] is pushing for Melvin Lowry [Lowery] (Ruth’s son)  to come down. He is acting out badly and is not helpful there now. If he were to come, he would be an instant E.C.U. [Extended Care Unit] resident.

– Jean visited the Soviets on the 61st anniversary party and they were very very positive. Saud have they knew PT to be very active. Soviets knew all about us and were arranging a delegation to go to the USSR. Will see them tomoroow again.

– MARY AND JIM PROKES – will be arriving in GT on DEC 16th at 6:45 PM British Airways, Flight 255. (One solution is to have them come then and come into the interior for a few days and then Mike could go back with them to the capital on the pretext of having to be there for the cultural show – they could see the show and go. Would put them in JT for only two days probably.)

Jean called Kathy Richardsons mother to tell her she’s gone. She wants to know if the kid will be back for Xmas. Kathy should write soon. [Handwritten note: “RITA √”]

– They sent a copy of TBs letter to CL [Carolyn Layton] via special delivery and she said to tell Jim that her reaction to it was that it was subtly hostile to Jim and manipulative.

Mark will be in SF Tuesday to discuss Nat. Enq. [National Enquirer], Ryan, etc.

– ANNIE: Terry Jones needs a list of the Class 4 medication need so that Joyce can get a letter authorizing her to purchase and carry to Guyana from Venezuela. We are asking Goodlett to write the letter, since the license ## of the doctor is required.


AA-1-dd-2 [Reverse side of AA-1-dd-1 not transcribed]




Melvin Lowry [Lowery] has no income although a good worker when he is not going crazy.

– Winslows office called and said they are unbale to find any indication that there is any renewal of interest in the John Head thing.

– [California Lt. Gov. Mervyn] Dymally talked to his secretary and got our message regarding Ryan. He is interested and told her to keep it until after next week. He stressed the importance of the timing to his secretary and said he would be in close touch in case it came to be an energency and the date could not be postponed. Be best if Ryan could be put off until Dec. 3rd. Right now the timing is impossible for him, but would consider helping out.

– Mark Lane will be in town on Tuesday (tomorrow) to discuss N. Enq., Ryan, NBC etc. Probably will discuss TB [Terri Buford].

– CL [Carolyn Layton]  understood the message to her and said thanks. About $$

– TOM ADAMS: had a talk with [Marshall] Bentzmans lawyer friend who specializes in FCC law. He read Tom part of an enormous pile of stuff the FCC has on him and told Tom to be careful. He must follow FCC rules to the letter because the first warning is the first step in a chain that could very quickly cost him his license. It is the kind of thing that if he watches himself from now on, he may not get another warning – but once you get the first warning you are sure to get it every time you don’t follow the rules. If Tom were to go to Mexico, he would have to go with a US license, altho once he got there he would be out of FCC jurisdiction. Thus he cannot afford to lose his license in the event he wants to go the Mexico route. He would not go to jail, but would lose his license permanently if he doesnt watch out. There are no serious effects from his past infractions, but it is a matter of watching himself from now on. Thus absolutely no more J.R. traffic – orders etc. The lawyer will be forwarding Tom’s voluminous file tomorrow. He is not sure where we stand with medical orders – that is sort of an ambiguous thing. The FCC is reluctant to deal with the whole issue of medical traffic on a wide scale so it doesn’t get involved with that aspect. The FCC would rather stick with clear-cut infractions such as J.R.’s business type traffic.

– Anthony Bowman left tonite will arrive in G-T tomorrow night.


Larry Layton – a bit reticent, but Karen will be with him
James Edwards – excellent
Earl McKnight – he will do OK, will be in Troolie 5
Bonnie Simon – fine
Luester Lewis – will be fine. Given JJs message
Tina Grimm – OK
Brian Bouquet – articulate, good.
Loretta Chavis – fine, not too articulate
Marshall Farris – good
Lu Dimple Goodspeed – questionable
Don Fields – OK
Betty Jean Gill – questionable – Maria will be there
Artie Harper – OK but senile
Mary Rodgers (senior) – went fishing


Cheryl Wilhite
Gloria and Santiago Rosa  (OK)
Ralph, Kathy Jackson
Michael and Melanie Simon
(these are not done alone just paperwork)

LEGAL (no interview)

Essie Townes – fine
Julia Birkley – ok


AA-1-ee-2 [Reverse side of AA-1-ee-1 not transcribed]




– Kilduff called and said Ryan had called him and yold him about the trip and had telegrammed us here in Guyana. Said he had gotten a call from Mark Lane in response to nothing from PT. Asked for our comments because he was going to do an article for tomorrows paper about his conversation with Ryan and Marks response. We gave him our comment.

– they will be seeing Mark in the morning.

– The Soviet 61st anniversary party was last night. We saw and briefly spoke to [San Francisco Dist. Atty. Joseph] Freitas there, who asked about how Jim was doing. Interesting fellow traveler… Also spoke with Shirley Temple Black and told her about the project. Met and talked with Tass reporter who expressed lots of interest in seeing the slides and they are inviting him over.

– Phyllis Hoiston [Houston] called Houstons with our invitation and they seemed glad to hear it and would like to come but Mr. Houston is having serious health problems. They will stay in touch and were grateful for the invitation.

– TOS’s [Tim Stoen] motion for a protective order against a financial deposition was upheld. HOWEVER: Charles Garry was given leave to amend his complaint so that the allegation of abuse of funds is included.** The matter is not fianlly closed. (Just a note here: In Calif. as in Federal courts the courts favor “full and free discovery” because it tends to streamline the trial, since stuff that would take a lot of time to bring out in trials can be easier obtained through discovery procedures. Thus, protective orders are not often granted, and if, as it appears in this case, one side omits something that should be alleged to get around the need for such an order, they are granted leave to amend the complanit so as to satisfy the requirements and allow for discovery.) Our supporters were there but none of the other side.

** permitting our deposition request to go ahead.

– They need good slides of seniors and children and the project for the dinner, ahicj [which] is 5 weeks away. Also want pictures of medical staff, the trucks, equipment, Jim, and also a family shot of Jim, Marcie and the kids; Johnny, Ava and the children too. (They also asked for a film of Jim speaking when I think that would be unwise.)

– CL [Carolyn Layton] has a report on Tim Carter with her – a letter from him as well. No problems.


AA-1-ff-2 [Reverse side of AA-1-ff-1 not transcribed]




– [Marshall] Kilduff said Ryan going ahead with his plans and expects a number of press and ex-members, relatives to be with him.

– [Charles] Garry said if anyone goes with Ryan it should be him, and thinks we cant keep the press from going with Ryan. Thinks it would be a mistake. And if we want him not to talk to the press at all he will tell them he has nothing to do with that area if they call. Says he is willinh to work with Ryan on our behalf but must know the details. Angry nobody consulted him before talking to Kilduff or deciding how to deal with Ryan. Thinks we should cooperate with Ryan to the fullest, and that Garry should have had the opportunity to contact him since he knows him and thinks there are things he can do. He said we have no business talking to the press – only Garry can. The Editor of the Chron [S.F. Chronicle] called and is sending someone with Ryan.

– Mark has notified Ryan and the State Department of our conditions but not the media until he knows for sure that the date is set – doesnt want to aggravate in case the whole thing doesnt come off.

– NATIONAL ENQUIRER: Mark and Don [Freed] talked to the N.E. today and were told the Enq. plans to go ahead with story fairly soon. N.E. said when he talked to Garry some time back he was so non-committal that they figured it was OK to go ahead. Garry had said he was our only lawyer and so when he made no strong objections, the Enq concluded their story is factual and will proceed. Also talked to LA DA’s assistant, Mr. Cory who attended a C.R. [Concerned Relatives] meeting and Cory told N. Enq. to go ahead because the story was correct and would help him in his work in turn. It seems they agreed to go ahead – Cory is planning on fraud charges and then try to proceed with extradition. Paula [Adams] and Bunnys [Laurence “Bonny” Mann] relationship is mentioned and said she passed on information of his activities to Dr. Reid [Guyana Deputy Prime Minister Ptolemy Reid] with CL [Carolyn Layton] and Debby T. [Touchette] help – TOS [Tim Stoen] claims he knows all about it. Overall the article holds the US and Sttae Department responsible for allowing PT to get away with this stuff without doing something.

– Don wants to pay 10,000 for a copy of the article that would go to him – not us. With specifics he can refute the article. Don will be talking to us about Debby B. [Layton Blakey] and other contributing factors and will then write a detailed response. Wants a quote from Paula, Debbie and CL (the ones TOS mentioned about helping Paula in the [illegible initials] thing.) Needs quote from PT that Garry is lawyer for certain arares but that Mark and their Citizens Commission of Inquiry can all represent PT.

Don has already seen the arrticle but with $$$ can get a copy (of course it’s possible that Don just wants to pocket the $$– I wouldn’t put it past him to buy it for a small sum and keep the rest for himself). This approach could alleviate the problem but its not reliable especially with Ryan in the picture. Mark has still not heard directly from Ryan and will call again today to reemphasize our position. He is concerend rgar a reaction from hmself, Mark, will just provoke the Enq more. Mark said there was no mention whatsover of any one but his staff going along. Supporters for N. Enq. are Jim Codd [Cobb], TOS, Mertles, Katsaris.

– Garry thinks we cannot keep the press from going with ryan. The article will help us see specifics so Don can answer, but we cannot keep it – he will. Basically, Don sees TOS painting a three sided picture: LA DA is one side – Gary should give a strong talk – was supposed to months ago – and Mark will do it. Don wants to give her response to Enq based on what Don knows and what the article reveals. Ryan is up in the air; Don will call him tomorrow –

– Tim Carter talk to Mike C. [Cartmell] and Sue [Suzanne Jones]. Both are very interested in Ryan’s trip and Sue especially said she would like to go with him. Tim will be seeing Mertles soon. He spoke with TOS briefly who expressed admiration of Ryan and his trip etc. Tim is doing fine. Sue said Jim tried to get her to screw him and all along Marcie didn’t know – totally outrageous lies. Said Jim was cruel.

– Back to the ENQ: Don said he strongly recommends the $$$ as our best chance to dissuade the Enw. Needs the article in hand to formulate argument against – and Gary had a chance to refute the Enq but didn’t so now we are vulnerable and cannot establish malice as our lawyer was consulted by the Enq and made no objections, gave no notice etc.



– Garry said if it were necessary, an emergency to go with Ryan he wouodd break all engagements and go.

– Both Sue and Mike Cartmell spoke to Kilduff and said he was a nice guy.

– Mark wants to show Ryan [Joe] Mazor’s affidavit about Grace [Stoen]. That would step on Garrys toes, but if he wont do it then we will let Mark do it.

– Mark and Don feel that the LA DA and N. Enq work together because they have never seen a strong rebuttal from us. They feel free to say and do anything, in the absence of a strong denial.

– According to Mark it looks like Ryan is going to go anyway – even if no acess to the project – which doesnt make much sense unless he is planning to do another Kathy Hunter smear trip etc.


Stateside Feedback November 11


– Garry does not want to call Ryan.  He says the latter is being handled by the Guyana government which it should be and does not know the thinking of the government nor PT staff in Guyana so does not feel he is in the place to [illegible word] for the client on this matter. It will take a direct order from Jim for him to tangle with Ryan.

– Let R. get the message about Mark – sharing responsibility and said rather pointed about Gary being responsible for Guyana matters and they said sure.

Gary will be at Monday conference – also this guy from the Chron who has been to Soviet Union and considers himself sympathetic. Mark likes him to – said he helped turn around the image of James R. He will give Gary [illegible words] and they will show him slides etc.

– Bonnie Burnham, Steve Katsaris, Jim Cobb, Mickey Touchette, Grace also coming. They say they have gotten messages from Wesley, Agnes, be nice and [illegible words], saying they have to come back.

– [illegible initial] Carter – having lunch with TOS [Tim Stoen]. Says he heard that Mac [Jim McElvane] has a companion not in [several illegible words] he is considered a weak mentor because of [illegible word]

[balance of page illegible]




– Phyllis Houston and [Jim] Mac Elvane arriving tomorrow a.m.

– Mark arriving tomorrow night – maybe same flight as Ryan etc. Will stay as long as Ryan is here – wants to know if we agree to let Ryan in to JT

– Mark has begun working on the response to the National Enq. and will bring the stuff with him when he comes.

– Garry and Pat Richartz arrived to talk to NBC, Chronicle guy. don’t know which it is responsible, but if we knew, we’d stop it.

Walter Duncan also doing real well. Garry said basically everything we have wanted him to say. This has taken them a little by surprise. But Garry says his terms still stand and is expecting some kind of an answer soon. (So his grand performance tonite was another form of blackmail)

– Mark made a strong statement – said Ryan had no business getting into the situation. A good strong position – said if he were Jim, he wouldnt take it and he would show Ryan the way home.

– Goodlett didnt show – “tied up with a patient.”

Sorry for the skimpy feedback – but mostly it was battling back and forth about the Goodlett message all night – which was never given.


AA-1-hh-2 [Reverse side of AA-1-hh-1 not transcribed]




Channel 7 covered the departure. Interviewed Jim Cobb, Steve Katsaris, not believe anyone was happy etc. Steve Davis was the one who did the film. Jerry Jensen did the presentation. Said they would be following the trip closely.

– Steve K. And Grace were sitting together in Washington last week.

– Garry talked to CBS radio – said that Ryan just gone and not checked with him or PT first. He put the responsibility on Ryan – said we wanted some of the Black Caucus freinds with us, and Ryan just went ahead. Said PT was being picked on and should stop. Garry said he couldn’t just drop everything and go with Ryan now. Without benefit of his help, Ryan would not be welcome.

– Reagrding yesterday’s conference: Garry said as an attorney he was not prepared to say ti [it] was a conspiracy but that there was definitely something wrong – some force somewhere. Mark was very aggravated and said he can’t have Garry undermining him in front of the press.

– Don Freed sends his love and sayd he appreciated our invitation to come when it is convenient for him.

– Garry is pressing for an answer – he still maintains he wants us to renounce Marks letter and Mark to be totally subordinate to him, and take orders from him.

– As Goodlett was leaving, Pat R. went out with him and tried to catch him alone. When we walked up, the conversation ceased, Goodlett came very late, left very early.

– At first Goodlett came off strong, saying if he were the administrator they wouldn’t set foot in JT. But at the end he told NBC that if they stuck around after Ryan left, they would get into JT.


Summary caption reads: PT South American mission is about to get a long expected, but less than welcome viist from a Congressional delegation interested in the welfare of 1200 US cotizens.

From Page 7: A congressional delegation is leaving today on a long awaited journey to the PT S.A. Msiion to check on the welfare on an estimated 1200 citizens in the jungle project there. Ryan said he was going ahead with the visit at this time despite warnings that a visit to the msiion at this time would be impossible. Taking the same flight will be about a dozen former members and other persons from the Bay Area, who have relatives or loved ones at the agricultural project run by PT under the leadership of the controversial Rev. JJ, are concerened that PT members fight be victims of psychological or physical bondage at the remote mission. “I am going in response to constutients’ requests… the rep. said, hours before the so-called concerned relatives flew here from SF. I intend to find out about the PT activities and Guyana on the spot. I’ll be talking with the Guyan government and the US Embassy, and I’d like to talk to Rev. JJ. I sent him a wire asking him to, and asking him to see and tak to some of the relatives close to 10. I want to sit down with them on a one-to-one basis.” PT said he hoped to meet with the PT members either in GT or JT.

Responses to Ryan were as of yesterday less than encouraging. Two lawyers representing PT have given negative replies PT have given negative replies to his overtures, set strict conditiond and requirments that dont coincide with the plans for the trip. Lawyer Mark Lane, Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorist wrote a letter on behalf of PY [PT] and said PT asked that he be present during any congressional delegation visit. You should understand that JT is a private community, and while they appear willing to host your visit there under certain circumstances, arrangements must be made in advance. (went on to talk about various govt agencies, consistently oppressed PT etc. Said that we ask for Black Caucus reps to be present etc.



Charles said forst he heard about it was ain newspaper, set impossible to accommodate Ryan at this time, and know from his [2 illegible words] that his intentions are negative. Ryan says that we bring up objections that cant be met without discussion and we are not trying to show cooperation with an honest effort to obtain info which indicates we have something to hide etc. Says he assumes we can still work something out. Says they will have to rely hevaily on the cooperation of the Guyana govt, JT and Jim Jones. Claim it [is] an ideal occasion to ally [allay] some of the fears of some relativse of members there. Garry saud ceryain sectors of the media are considered enemies of pt because of reports based on accounts of former members alleging corporal punishment, poor living conditions and facilities both in Guyana and the US.

Garry maintains that even the serious detractors of PT would be impressed [if] they had the opportunity to see the project firsthand… but there are still questions as ro wheteher reporters on this trip will be admitted to the mission.

CBS said that Garry said Jim was too illl to receive visitors at this time. Ryan said he wanted to talk to b people in JT and he thought he could do that at any time. Usual CBS slant

– Mark arriving Thursday nite for sure.

Garry – last night on NBC interview – off the record said Debbi stile [stole] money and showed Mazors  affidavit. On the record – said PT was Marxist and that JJ was the father of John.

NBC was very unpleasant (the guy is from Georgia [Don Harris]) but this Chronicle guy [Ron Javers] was a very pleasant person. He is down there, but onky on a one-day visa because he wasn’t cleared. He is responsible for an artivle on [former Philadelphia mayor Frank] Rizzo that was excellent – portraying him as he really is.

– Jean asked Garry is what the N. Enq said he said about DB [Debbie Blakey] accusations was true and he said no – he didnt know how they could have construed his statements that way – called N. Enq a liar.

– Channel 7 called and got an interview from Garry.

– NBC says they plan to saty until the 19th or until they get finsihed.

Steve Davis – said the reason he had not run the positive Lane inetrview was because he thought we were arranging for him to come here and he would do it all as one documentary.

– Channel & [5] asked if there was any problem between Mark and Garry and that he needs to know which will speak on PT’s behalf. Divide and conquer tactic.

– Garry says he will work only with Mark if Mark did everything under his direction and nothing without his final approval – and we renounce Marks letter to start.


[Undated memo, context places it November 16 or 17]


Lee [Ingram] is reporting that Garry is uptight because he was never told that he was going to see Lane here he said if he knew that Lane was going to be in Guyana he wouldn’t have bothered to come over here, especially since he had to hear it from the press and not us, he said this is a little bit disconcerting. He is also uptight with Lane. Lee was talking to Garry he had asked Lee to come in and talk one to one he wants Lee to relay this to JJ. Jean has proably mentioned that he Garry wants to stop coming to Guyana.

Lee said that they want the Drill teams Ans maybe a couple of parts of the house that I live in. [Handwritten note: “Told Russell and Rhonda”]

– Charles and Mark feel very strongly that Ryan should come in. They feel that altho it is true he wont tell the truth – if he doesnt come in it will be worse. They feel thats just what he’d want – he was turned away – and then he’d have hearings and all kinds of stuff. If its OK – maybe they can use Ryans charter plane to come out and talk. Charles feels strongly that Ryan should come out right now – Mark thinks they should come up first so we can talk about it, arrange terms. [Handwritten note: “This page passed”]

– Charles and Mark will talk to Ryan and aide this morning with Sharon [Amos] to work some things out and then Mark and Charles will come in to JT to talk with us about it.

– NBC wants to talk alone – Mark said that he would not and not to do anyting until they talk

– Chronicle reporter – might be in the can. Mark and Charles think wish and press charges and maybe we should ask Bunny [Laurence “Bunny” Mann] etc. to drop it so we dont create an enemy. Charles and Mark feel he’s done some fair articles.

– Mark can stay until its finished – Charles has to get back as soon as he can.

– If Liane is in Georgetwon – maybe Sharon should invite Sherwin over to the house so he could talk to her, it might be a good thing – and I know Liane will do well. She could show some friendliness to him, but firm – can talk about her work at school etc. [Handwritten notation: “ok”]

– Mark can stay five or six days but Charles has to be back by Sunday. (So probably Mark will come out by himself and Charles will go back on the Sunday plane.)

– Ann says they will be out on appointments all day, so they will probably eat out (she asked if that was ok and we said yes).

The front gate said that they heard a plane, GT called GDF it was a GDF plane that was in the area it couldn’t bring our guest out because it was already crowded.

They are working on getting a charter although it looks that they will not get one. They are to make flight arrangements for the 2 medical people going to Ven. [Venezuela] if they get out today and notify Joyce [Handwritten notation: “In air at Ogle [airport]”]



Robin [Tschetter] just contacted Doug Ellice, and he said he was on his way to lunch. He asked if we knew were Tim Carter is, and where is Ann’s dau. He didn’t act like he was going to do anything. Robin said we had reliable information. He questioned everything she said, and wanted to know where she got her information.

Just before they left, they said they would give us until 2:00 PM and then they will go.

They are coming on a GAC  [Guyana Airlines Corporation] 18 passenger charter to Kaituma.

Mark said the flight is going to leave