Memorandum to Prokes from F.E.B.


[Editor’s notes: The transcript of this document retains its original spellings, with corrections noted only where necessary for clarity.

[The initials FEB which are used throughout this document are unknown.]

Memorandum to Prokes from F.E.B./5 Nov 78

1) Please list if you are giving us pricing for orders to be issued or if it is pricing for items they have already purchased, in which case we must have purchase order #s or we will have to check with Dad on what to do, since purchase without order #s he has cleared is strictly against his instructions.

2) When are we getting the projected budget for coming week from Gtn? for clearance of their coming expected expenses for town?

3) Please give town a serious talk about the opening of any bags coming from States. It is the consenses of FEB that people coming from the states should carry a small bag they can get into so will not have to open ANY OF THE DUFFLE BAGS OR CRATES IN GEORGETOWN. And we want the unopened bags and crates, along with a manifest of contents and the keys to come through to Jonestown. We are going to start listing any discrepancies in reporting to Dad directly. PLEASE ADVISE RADIO ROOM NOT TO GIVE PERMISSION TO TOWN to open any bags without consultation with FEB contact Johnny or Tish and they will make the FEB contact:

4) All orders, including regularly purchase quantities of foods, such as flour, sugar and oil are to have P.O.#s issued. They can radio out this information in their budget report and we will issue # to cover

5) Please separate feedback – from your Jonestown questions. We would appreciate any orders being sent to FEB rather than encourage people to give them to radio room. This is not the function of the radio room and am sure they don’t want to be bothered, but will make much easier on us to do this way, and save her feelings, too.

6) Is ques re  baby nursery? or are you giving us infor[mation] these are bought? Ava [Cobb Jones] did not submit to us any such order so nothing was approved.



7) We do not understand why, if Mary issued cash for the Mimeograph that she would not have a receipt for it and an entry on her cash expense register… Her funds for town purchases are to be recalled daily… If this is not being done, please notify us… Will send them a memo from FEB with Kay…

8) In re the teletype… we are not interested in cost of “sending” teletype messages… we are asking for installation costs of a telex in Gtn and a telex in the church in SF for the handling of business traffic…

9) Tell Marianne that Richard probably has the contract on the Bedford, check with him on his return.

10) Mike Prokes: I ran into Mike Carter along the walkway and he was “taking an order” from Tim Swinney for a depth finder and a radio for the Cudjoe… just for pricing, said Mike Carter…

Please advise Mike, as he may not realize we have changed rules since he was on radio before, that we issue #’s even for pricing, and do not want SF chasing about unnecessarily. As it is, Mike did not give me the #’s and Tim who was to come out and give me the information, did not come out, so no order # is issued on this. We have an entire order for Cudjoe  that was approved by FEB this morning, and the depth finder and radio were on it… We want to get it cleared for purchase, but find it difficult to handle things through the channels as should be  with so much side help.. It ultimately slows down the purchases… and Dad does want these items gotten. Please advise me of the results of your discussion, and what you feel on it.. Thanks much – tl [Tish Leroy]

Originally posted on December 24th, 2021.

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