Summaries of News of Ryan trip, November 78


CBS NEWS: 11/15/78

“newsman Ron Javers has been released by immigration officers in Guyana after being detained for 12 hrs. and he has been granted a 5 day visa. Javers, who is traveling with the San Mateo lawmakers 20 member delegation to Guyana, Ryan is saying he is interested in looking into the affairs of the Rev. Jim Jones in his Peoples Temple jungle settlement in Jonestown. Ryan aide Joe Hoespringer (?) [Holsinger] says State Dept. officials have notified him that Javers, first held on an apparent currency violation, has been released now and has been granted a 5-day visa. This conflicts with the report in the S.F. Examiner that all reporters in the group with the exception of an NBC news representative facing immediate expulsion from the country. Hoesinger says that Ryan has already met with U.S. Embassy officials in Georgetown, and plans to meet with the Guyanese authorities either today or tomorrow. He said it is not known whether the congressman will attempt to visit the Temples colony in Jonestown.

Peoples Temple attorney Charles Garry said yesterday, that Ryan and his delegation may not be welcome at Jonestown on such short notice. With Ryan are friends and relatives of Peoples Temple followers. Some of them have complained publically of fake faith healings and beatings of former members of the Temple when the Temple was based in S.F. Jones has moved his headquarters to Jonestown last year.

(Second report essentially the same except:) Ryan hopes to check on abuse that some SF people have apparently suffered had Jones and his staff’s hands


MARSHA BRANDWINE [Marcia Brandwynne] CHANNEL & 7: 11/14/78

“relatives here say they cannot contact their relatives in the commune near Jonestown. They say that something is wrong may be going on down there, they want to know why they can’t communicate with their relatives, They suggest in plain language that the Rev. Jones is keeping them from their relatives purposely but Jones attorney here says it simply is not so. (shows Charles Garry): “most relatives there do not want to have anything to do with these ‘concerned relatives’, to be very frank about it. I have told them time and time again that if anybody wants to leave, they can leave with me at any time they want to. And I have told him that publically, privately, individually, whatever way I can.”

and attorney Garry said that when he visited Jonestown, nobody at all in the commune wanted to come back with him, so the question is, will those relatives that are headed down there now be permitted to see their loved ones and will they be allowed into the complex at all. And those questions won’t to be ans. for a couple of days.


CBS news 11/14/78

… Ryan claims it is a fact finding mission, but the Temples lawyers say Ryan may not be welcome because the Rev. Jim Jones is reportedly ill and not prepared to receive a congressional delegation unannounced.



CBS news 11/14/78

Guyana, Ron Javers, traveling with a delegation of 20 calif. including Penninsula Congressman Leo Ryan, on a fact-finding mission to the controversial peoples Temple, the jungle settlement there in Guyana. No other members of the delegation were detained.


CBS again 11/[illegible]/78

… Is seriously ill and that Ryan should wait until he is well before visiting the community. Jones and a large number of temple members left SF last year after former members complained publically of strange goings-on at the temple, including faith healings and beatings of members.


CBS again 11/14/78

Charles Garry speaking: “so that we could make the contact, and to sum it up, the People’s Temple is being pushed around and kicked around and its about time it stopped…”// attorney Charles Garry, spokesman for the People’s Temple. On his way down to Jonestown, the outpost, the colony in Guyana, Sou. America, is congressman Leo Ryan from San Mateo. He spoke with us this morning from Washington, and presume that within the past hour, he has already boarded an airplane and is on his way. After talking with some 20 friends and relatives of temple followers, in Washington and New York.


KGO: 11/14/38

… South American nation of Guyana, the sect, formerly based here in the city, runs a jungle community there.. where 1200 US Citizens are believed living.


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