List of litigation projects needs from San Francisco


[Editor’s note: This document was typed in almost all capital letters.]

List of litigation projects needs from San Francisco

The following items, preferably copies and not originals, must be sent at once from San Francisco. A full set of each must also be sent to Mark Lane. This is critical because little can be finished till they get here. I suggest they be sent as excess baggage by a person coming in the next few days. [Handwritten addition: “Get everything back to States.”]

  1. Our complete People’s Temple newspaper clipping file.
  2. All existing notes, memoranda or summaries of events.
  3. A complete set of copies of all of our political publications and press releases, including the Peoples Forum.
  4. All incident reports, conspiracy files, or TOS [Tim Stoen] files.
  5. All tapes of relevant incidents, including tapes from under house. [Handwritten addition: “(or transcripts)”]
  6. Photos of all political activities, including all of our marches, appearances at rallies and meetings.
  7. Master file of public relations letters and responses.
  8. Files on “people who left the church”.
  9. All evidentiary material: for example:
    1. the post office note routing all our mail
    2. the handwritten notes of Dennis Banks done at the Conn visit
    3. copy of the arson report on the temple building
    4. relevant handwritten materials by TOS like Jim Cobb note
    5. the police report of the New West “break-in”
    6. in the tape, or note we got from David Wise
  10. Anything or compilation which describes the history of the church for any episode in its growth
  11. [handwritten addition: “Call signs of station that told us another station was [illegible words]”]