Evaluations, November

Nov. 15 78

Soap Factory Evaluations
Etta Thompson – working fine
Lula Stallings – good worker
Donna Sanford – good worker
Pauline Scott – good worker
Etta Thompson


8/11/78 [November 8, 1978]
Vern should be off his feet for at least 2 hours every day until his ulcer is healed
J. Lund [Joyce Lund, aka Joyce Rozynko] SCV


Nov. 8, 1978 Buick factory evaluations
1. Willie Sneed – off work for medical reasons
2. Chris O’Neal – we have to find work other than brick making for him to keep busy.
3. Jair Baker – works hard, with supervision
4. Jack Barron – should not take too much time between jobs


13-11-78 [November 13, 1978]

Baby Nursery Evaluation
1. Lillie Victor – Doing very well at present job. Shows interest & concern to keep supply of clothes caught up.
2. Ronnie Berryman – Working fairly well at present time. Needs to take on more initive [initiative] to get the job done in the evening.
3. Darlene Ramey – Good worker. No problems.
4. Gloria Griffith – Excellent supervisor of infant room. Reported to work late on an occasion
5. Pat Henderson – Is cooperative & responsible. Never complains of job or heavy work load.
6. Lenora Perkins – Shows interest & concern in working with children.
7. Yvette Muldrow – Good worker. Always has good disposition.
8. Mary Castillo – Is helpful & does whatever job that needs to be done.


9. Tina Grimm– Needs to spend more time with activities & exercises with assigned children. Has good working attitude.
10. Dorothy Sanders – at times she has poor follow-through. Was seen by another worker washing clothes on work hours.
11. Avis Breidenbach – Good worker. Needs to speed up work pace.
12. Coral Warren – Good worker. It is excellent with children activities & outings.
13. Lydia Morgan – Good worker. No problem. This defense of the times when confronted about reporting to work late.
14. Shawntiki Johnson – Does not show interest in job at present time. Sounds too much with worker in infant nursery.
15. Edna Bowman – Good worker. Does excellent job in housekeeping.
16. Armella Tardy – Good worker. Gives wonderful care & attention to children. His argumentative & defensive at times when confronted.


[Cartoon and notes about anticipated arrival of Congressman Ryan]