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Jones: Two hundred and fifty dollars, the largest single donation. As you know, Bobby– we have back with us, Bobby Stroud, and Joan [Pursley]. That was approximately a thousand dollars a week, which is vital, absolutely likely essential, using a Portuguese word, essential to all life here, that every bit of this funding come in, as with indeed the case with Tommy Johnson and Patty Cartmell and indeed, Rheaviana Beam, among others that go up such as Chuck Beikman. Highly essential to our life and our exi– our existence. We were given donations from some sur– (Pause) some surprising sources, such as the Registrar of Deeds. He gave a sizeable donation, and I don’t recall all, but others can tell you, in their gratitudes, though most of our gratitudes should specialize on protections from these dreadful accidents, they were only indeed miracles, to say the least. (Pause)

Summation of the world news was– our local news was that the PNC is losing membership, but nonetheless, the Soviet Union feels the PNC is moving left, in spite of the fact that one high assistant to a cabinet– deputy cabinet official said that nearly one half of PNC was actually more Marxist and inclined to be PPP, the Peoples Progressive Party, which is the opposition ruling party. We received good reception from the Working Peoples Alliance, which is under Dr. Walter Rodney, who is now traveling in Europe, teaching about black Africa’s li– liberation struggle and the struggle of the Third World in general. (Pause)

A group of Red Brigades that have kidnapped Prime Minister Aldo Moro– (Pause) Stand by.

(tape edit) (Pause)

– and holding him for mere release of political prisoners, has been threatened by a group of common criminal thugs and fascists, who has threatened to kill members of the Red Brigade’s family and Red Brigade members in jail unless Prime Minister Aldo Moro is released. It is suspected that the national police of Italy, who are pro-fascist in spite of the congress being pro-left and even President– Prime Minister [Giulio] Andreotti of Italy, the boot that comes down from the Mediterranean. If you were looking at the map of Africa, look straight above it, and if you can imagine a boot, that would be Italy, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, that holds enough wealth, the Vatican, near Rome, to hold the solution to all poverty in the world, and stop hunger. Anyway, Italy’s Congress has moved leftward and the prime minister has had to ask communists for a coalition government. Nonetheless, the national police of Italy, like the gendarmes of France, have always been noted fascists, and it is suspected that the national police have put up this common wor– group of criminals, common thugs, fascists, and Mafia into killing socialist and communists in jail, members of the Red Brigade. The Red Brigade said that we are not fearful of this, we have suffered all of our life for the principles of Marxist-Leninism. Nonetheless, the thugs and criminals said if the Brigade, the Red Brigade do not meet our de– deadline, we will tell our companions in jail to do away with the members of the Brigades. The executions will be carried out, despite police escorts and the solitary cells– in the solitary cells of the Red Brigade (unintelligible under radio interference) guerillas, thus proving even according to Ruth– Reuters (unintelligible under radio interference) British news service that there would have to be police complicity if the Red Brigade could be murdered inside the prisons, to commit (unintelligible word) inside jail but is believed to be led by former prison inmates and Mafia-controlled elements on the outside said it wanted to show its support for a democratic Italy. That’s very nice of the drug pushers, the thugs and the common murderers, to be concerned about democratic Italy. Aldo Moro has been held for some weeks, and the ruling class is always– never cares about its own. He’s the prime minister of Italy, head of the Conservative Party, but no one cares. They had to get so serious as to send an ear to show that they mean business, that they want the political, refugees, the– the hostages held in jail without trial, some of them, upwards of two years now, they want them released, and they furthermore want a frame-up trial against socialists in Turin, Italy to be dropped. But there is no sign that the Red Brigade will soften in its policy or release Prime Minister Aldo Moro, that it’s captured only for the reasons, political purpose.

Nazi League man parcel bombed. Uh, no, an anti– Anti-Nazi League man parcel bombed. A parcel bomb exploded yesterday in the face of the member of the British Anti-Nazi League, who is organizing here against the extreme Adolf Hitler-worshipping right wing political candidate.

You better be still under the pavilion. We’re taking down names of all those that are late and all those that are not listening to the news.

Police said it was extraordinary that Roger (unintelligible under radio interference) was not killed when the package he was opening burst into flames. The Anti-Na– the Anti-Nazi League was formed about 18 months ago to counter the rise of extreme fascist organizations throughout Great Britain, especially the rice– the racist National Front Party, along now with the ruling Conservative Party in the Parliament, and Prime Minister-to-be, Margaret Thatcher of England who have called for the redeployment– the repatriation of all blacks and browns, all minorities are to be expelled from England, is their demand. And they’re going to get it done.

Bangladesh has offered to take many minorities into its country (unintelligible under tape break-up) them jobs. Bangladesh on the Indian subcontinent. (unintelligible under tape break-up) [Robert] Christian will have a map of Asia and India for you to see. He’s doing such a good job, you should look at the maps above you.

You should know Zimbabwe, you should know Namibia, you should look closely at those maps, Namibia is where tribal chieftains were assassinated by the USA CIA and Union of South Africa. But the chiefs, though of the tribes not well organized, not well educated, formed a coalition and struck back, killing the well-educated Uncle Tom president that the Union of South Africa had planned to be their puppet prime minister, and for that only reason, they granted independence to Namibia, which was to take place at the end of this year. Now he is behe– he has been murdered by the liberation forces, and Namibia is well organized, and the United Nations supposedly and even the United States is going to be have to be made to back up US– uh, the united fascist elements, the United Front Party, fascist that rules the Union of South Africa under the dictatorship of [Johannes] Vorster, who is openly a supporter of Adolf Hitler and went to jail in World War II for being a Nazi. Anyway, Namibia is a source of great change.

In Rhodesia, what the white man calls Rhodesia, Ian Smith’s dreaded regime, Zimbabwe, has been the source of Rhodesian troops have been torturing school children, to try to get back at the families of the Patriotic Front that represents three out of four citizens of all of Zambi– of Zimbabwe, or what the white man calls Rhodesia.

Cuba has pledged and is bringing in portable schools and portable hospitals and military aid. The Soviets are doing this also, the Soviet Union, by way of Mozambique and Zambia and through Tanzania, in spite of United States protest, but it has at least called– caused the president of the United States [Jimmy Carter] to have to take a moderate stand and say that black majority rule is ethically right. In spite of the doubletalk of people like I mentioned yesterday, Andrew Young. And you should ask your neighbor what Andrew Young had to say and how completely inconsistent he was.

Anyway, the Anti-Nazi League is a strong and growing movement. Fascism is a strong and growing movement in England. In the United States, it is also– It has phone service in every town with little telephone messages of hate, and several Nazi chapters in all big cities, and at least one Nazi chapter, Ku Klux Klan chapter and White Citizens Council and White People’s Party, there’re about 16, I think, different white racist organizations that’ve sprung up in the last year in the United States and are having a field day.

Well, I can’t go too much further with the news. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to get all the fill-in of some of the problem areas and the challenges and those who have given us strong support (unintelligible under radio interference) cabinet, meeting officials in the cabinet, were praising our performance as highly professional. Also did the Soviet Union’s Ambas– Embassy who was present and Yugoslavian Embassy present, also at our cultural event, and the North Korean Embassy and the Cuban Embassy. All plan to attend, and visit rather, our project soon. So inspection teams must be prepared every day, and we must beautify and dress up, all the people must send in criticisms and suggestions for changing things to make it the most beautiful spot possible, as they’re becoming more and more impressed. They want about a ten-page bibliography on myself and background to send to Moscow and to the prime minister and for press consumption throughout the USSR, the vanguard of Marxist-Leninist peoples liberation throughout the world.

Carter calls on rich poor states to cooperate, and stop blaming each other for world economic disruption. He’s accused of being hypocritical in this call – and that is interesting – Congressman Miller did that just two days ago. Now Congressman Miller has been, as I told you, charged with soliciting two young boys for homosexual purposes. (unintelligible under radio interference) And even when you’re a capitalist and fascist like the prime minister of Italy, Moro, it doesn’t pay because they won’t even lift a finger, the rich ruling class didn’t even li– uh, won’t even lift a finger to grant a few political prisoners release, or to drop a trial of seven people, to save his ass. Capitalists don’t even look after themselves, and certainly, if you have any conscience at all, you get it certainly too.

The Thai minister is in Peiping. The Time– the Thai Prime Minister Kriangsak Chamanan arrived in Peiping yesterday for an eight-day official visit, the first in two years by a leader from the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN. However, the Thai and Vietnamese government is going closer and closer– Vietnam is absolutely close to the Soviet Union, and Thailand is also becoming increasingly friendly to the Soviet Union. And as you know, 180 CIA officials have been left out in the cold who worked for the United States for 25 years. Now their families and themselves are in danger, because the people are roused, and some of them participated in murder, but the CIA doesn’t take care of its own, and uh– and yes, USA citizens stranded in Thailand and Vietnam, not even enough concern on the part of the CIA to take care of their own murderers and thugs to relieve them. It is expected that many of them may even be killed (unintelligible under radio interference) striking back at the oppressor.

Polls shows Carter is doing very poorly. Nearly two out of three Americans surveyed in the poll issued yesterday feel President Carter is doing a poor job, diametrically opposed to the view just one year ago. Based upon what I (unintelligible under radio interference), he has been the first president not to place U.S. troops or commit some act of aggression by U.S. armed forces is some part of the world, for whatever reason, probably because they cannot get his voluntary army to fight. The hotspot is Africa, and the majority of the people’s army in the United States, the people’s army, I don’t mean that in the literal sense but the U.S. Army which is paid, and voluntary, has to be black, because white people don’t like the mess of seeing their sons die in the war. They’re racist, they’re bigots, they’re fascist, they’re apathetic. One breakthrough is that they did not like to see their sons die in Vietnam. So now it has become a black army. Oh, many Uncle Toms exist indeed. Nonetheless, Carter and many of the ruling class forces of the USA have openly stated, according to Newsweek Magazine, that they are afraid that the black voluntary army will not fight. So there is strong suggestions in the right wing Congress, which is predominant in the United States, to try to find higher wage scales, and get blacks out and get more white people in so that we can safely depend– the fascist ruling class in USA can safely depend on the Army doing its murderous bizy– bidding wherever, even if it’s Africa, that they need.

Swedish soldiers fired and killed by Israelis yesterday, when their crowd– car got too close to the Israeli line. In spite of the fact, no action was taken by the United Nations peace-keeping forces, yet at the slightest movement of Palestinian Liberation Front members, United Nations forces seemed all too willing to shoot upon those that are trying to protect their territory in South Lebanon. Zionism still has a tremendous hold on the US corporations because Zionist corporate leaders are in much power, particularly in the media. There’s a growing increase, as you know, of Arab influence, because of its money, Saudi Arabia being one of the oil-rich nations, and the richest in the world, and Iran, both not feeling too friendly towards Israel, it’s causing an increasing growth of anti-Zionist feeling in the United States. Jews are foolish to not stay with the communist movement, the liberation, working-class movement. (Pause)

(tape edits)

And Zambia– And those nations then funnel it on into Rhodesia. Rhodesia is only a matter of time. Even Carter forced in a corner has to admit that black majority rule will be in the distant future, an absolute. Under fire, of course, at home from conservatives for making this statement, it’ll be interesting to hear, and we’ve no further news, what’s to come from the FBI inquiry that is supposedly alleging that he is guilty of a crime of covering up for a congressman by firing a Republican federal– federal district attorney in Philadelphia.

In a quick statement that Senator [George] McGovern may regret– regret, he said on the floor of the Senate, I doubt if an honest capitalist exists. As he looked at the intrigue going on in US trade and how we were still supporting the most racist and fascist regimes, militarily and economically, across the world, now they’ve made Chile, fascist Chile, the center of uh, subversion, and that which is the center of subversion reaches out its tentacles to other parts of South America, into Brazil now, they no longer cooperate with the United States and its ideas of domination in South America. Also the practices of supporting the fascist dictatorship of [Ferdinand] Marcos, who murdered 50,000 innocent people in this last few months and the support of the racist apartheid fascist regimes in Africa caused Mr. McGovern, in a moment of honesty from his schizophrenia, to say, I doubt if there is an honest capitalist that exists. So do we, Mr. McGovern, we second that one thousand percent. (Pause)

Tongsun Park is giving congressional testimony about bribery, influence buying that he did in Capitol Hill that affected in to what some say, a couple of hundred congresspeople. As the bribery scandal has further unfolded in the last few months, the number of congressmen are pulling back from continued US aid to South Korea, in part to clear to clear themselves so there will be no charges come down on them of accepting bribes. However, if this had been a black congressman that had accepted bribes, payoffs from the fascist murderous regime of South Korea dictator [Park Sung Hee], they would’ve had no choice. As Congressman [Charles] Diggs, using his own funds to provide jobs, was charged, as you know, black congressman, founded the Black Caucus, charges are getting heavier on him. More charges have been added to the 37 felony counts that he’s already having placed on him, which promise to give him 175 years in the penitentiary. There’s always separate and unequal treatment. As Kerner Commission said, and Governor [Otto] Kerner, the white governor of Illinois said for pointing out the truth, that there were two societies in America, one black and brown, the other white, both exist in the same society, but one separate and unequal, (Pause) meaning the black and brown did not have any means a share of the economic pie. That was pointed out, as I gave you the earlier briefing on the news about Social Security. No, racist America does not even respect the Toms that rise to the top. A general was forced to retire yesterday, a black general was (stumbles over words) was forced to retire because he spoke out about raci­– subtle racial discriminations. His forced retirement came at 54 years of age. His name was Brown, a black general by the name of Brown. You cannotsucceed as a black person in the United States. And if you do, your life is miserable while waiting for them to finally come down upon you with the sword of Damocles.

We should be grateful and go back to our work now. It’s time for the whistle to blow. Go back with pride, and go back with determination, to set this land up, this land of freedom, and we’re going to have to have more production. There’ve been reports that people are not producing. I demand that observers take more notice of this, so we can give proper rewards and bring up people for those who are not– bring them up for Learning, who are not doing their part. All these guarantees and securities of living in a society that’s cooperative, where Father put a thousand strong in defense of you, your liberty, your health, your survival, risked his life to keep you from jails, and got arrest orders– court orders dropped, and got you out of prison, you got the greatest guarantee of security for your children and your life that you ever could possibly could have on this earth. Guarantees of healings like Isaac Edwards, doing fantastically, and there’s no medical explanation. He should be blind, paralyzed, brain damaged, or dead. These miracles are not thought about, not considered, we don’t have enough gratitude for them. We show our gratitude, not in words but in work. We want a work report from each crew this day.

Thank you, and all of my love.

[Tape edit] [Pause]

You can pass it there, but you certainly have coordinators before me, you have counselors before me, you have secretaries that you could speak to before you take the audacity, the bold face nerve to come up when I’m giving instructions. I stop people for the most sensitive type of things, the most important types of strategy that protect all of our lives. I don’t engage in uh, the ordinary conversations that you do, and I don’t re– require you to stop that or sit down and play cards and play my life away. I don’t do that. I’m always thinking in how to fight revolution and defend you, my family, my life, my love. I don’t impose the same kind of pressure on you that I have to live under. Sometimes I wonder how some of you manage to never do anything but play cards and uh, never enter in the library to study or look at the good movie like The Day of the Jackal and try to find out methods that you could think, because each time you see it, there are new things that can come to your mind. But, if you’ve seen that enough, you oughta have your eye in a book and learn something about socialism. Then play cards, indeed, play cards or games– (tape edit)

–and drugs for the CIA. Apparently, the CIA has not ceased from its operations, to dump drugs on the youth, unsuspecting youth of North America, USA, in order to provide the sums of money, massive sums, murder, assassinations and torture conducted by our disgraceful US government CIA. (Pause)

US Ambassador has been asked to be removed by the Colombian authorities. (Pause) We shall see what happens from this.

For many years, there have been claims the CIA engaged in drug-trafficking in Southeast Asia. This is a horrible kind of thing, diabolical. There are not enough adjectives to describe the terror of a government that would do this type of thing, to destroy its own youth, to make money to destroy the youth, and no doubt, even genocide plans against our own Americans because of the Operation Artichoke that come to light from the Freedom of Information [Act] that provided CIA private papers. So, CIA US tax dollars supported, largest budget of our tax dollars-supported agencies in the United States, in charge of its clandestine operations, Senator [John] Stennis, lynch mob le– leader, who’s come out in support of the lynching proposals of the Supreme Court justice of Carolina, and has been voiced again by Senator [Strom] Thurmond, that lynching is a very good solution, the immediate quick Christian following the eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth concept. (Pause) But it is dreadful to review one’s own guilt. And that’s not a guilt I feel. I haven’t paid one dime of taxes. I didn’t give my body to be burned years ago for paying one penny of taxes. Such an evil system, where its most supported agency in the United States by our taxes actually preys on youth, brings about drug experiments upon people, even members of their own agency, as you recall, there’re several suits in the United States where people’ve died from drug experiments conducted by the CIA and the FBI in conjunction. Now the CIA terrier– terror going on around the world.

Cyprus is making claims to the United Nations that CIA have attempted to intrude into their national sovereignty, and they’ve gone to Cuba to confer on how to be a more active part in Third World liberation. Cyprus was once a moderate regime, moving more socialist apparently daily.

Even Nigeria took this strong stand, forcing Carter to have to make a strong position about liberation of all black African nations, including apartheid South Africa, demanding from Nigeria, (unintelligible word) Ni– Nigeria and Lagos, Ni– Nigeria, in various speeches, the prime minister there said that there is an absolute demand from Africa that all nations be allowed majo– majority rule. When asked what his concern, the beef with the whites, he said, that’s their problem, for so many years of cr– criminal behavior against the black people, they’ll just have to risk their chances, getting out or winning over the hearts of black people to allow them to live there.

However, in Rhodesia – Zimbabwe – it is reported that even the Patriotic Front have white members involved in their struggle and have no prejudices against the common people. It was Radio Nigeria voiced today, and Radio Ethiopia, voice to the Somalian people, that the friendship and bond of (stumbles over words) eternal goodwill continued with them. There was no hostilities on the part of black Ethiopia with the Arab Somalian people, who were being manipulated and tricked by the reactionaries that control Somalia under the dictates of Washington capital.

What a horrendous thing that this would take place. The US Ambassador thus showing absolutely there’s an official involvement. The US government officially involved in the trafficking of hardline drugs that destroy tens and tens of thousands of young married– young American people, in order that the CIA can have funds to destroy tens and thousands of people, like their operation in Zimbabwe, torturing schoolchildren.

Well, there’s little uh, chance that the world will avoid its nuclear confrontation, according to the scientists that are meeting. The Association of American Scientists said we’re actually back further than we were 20 years ago in arms talks and arms control. There’s a cooling-off period, the most severe since the Berlin crisis in which we almost had World War III, according the scientists, even admitted by President Carter. Relations between USSR and USA are at an all-time low. (Pause)

We just had a intruder from Venezuela, the far right, on our amateur radio, showing his disgusting fascist attitudes that keeps interfering. Apparently does not like this socialist nation. In spite of the fact that President Car– President [Carlos Andres] Perez has sent a delegation to Cuba to try to bring about more normalization of relations and combined efforts to help developing nations in Central and South America. It’s interesting to hear this fascist bastard on our radio. He sounds like he’s been educated in North America. Probably a CIA agent himself. He referred particularly to the speech that Marceline [Jones] made about socialism, and the oppression of black people which writ– by the way, Havana Radio, Radio Free Cuba said today, that– Mrs. Martin Luther King [Coretta Scott King] said that it was hard to hold to the dream of her husband on the anniversary of his death, when actually, black people’s rights had not been able to be achieved and were in many re– respects worse in– than in the day when her husband was shot down, prematurely in his youth. Guy [Young] gave you an article yesterday even in The San Francisco Chronicle of blacks taking two steps forward and one step backward, that the ghettos were just like certain death in all the big cities of North America. (Pause)

There’s internal division bring– breaking out in Cambodia. One faction of the Cambodian government wanting to pull away from the Chinese revisionist, as Vietnam were able to unleash an attack that freed their own people that were being held hostage by Cambodia, and there is now no Cambodians on Vietnamese territory. As you know, Vietnam receives aid from the Soviet Union. (Pause)

Stand by. (tape edit) (Pause)

Guyanese Ambassador in England calls for an emergency repatriation of black people, saying that he fears the very survival of black minority people such as Asians and Indians in England, through the increasing intense racial hatred and violence that have broken out in every industrial city where blacks are allowed to live, and most rural settings, blacks and Indians do not live any longer, as in the case of the United States. Most blacks are concentrated in ghettos, that can easily be destroyed by neutron bombs, for instance. The neutron bomb makes a very good anti-personnel, anti-civilian weapon against our own ghettos. You can wipe out a ghetto of black people, leaving all property to the landlords untouched. This is actually the opinion of the head of the Urban Affairs League in USA. The neutron bomb is not only an enemy of the people abroad who are b– fighting colonialism, but it has been created to destroy American blacks and Indians on reservations when the time comes. Because it is massive enough to do damage to the Soviets who have much more superior weaponry. So he sees it as a method to exterminate concentration camps, and reserves– reservations in South Africa, Indian reservations and black ghettos. Indeed, the chairman of Urban Affairs may quite be wel– right in his analysis. (Pause)

Complaints about the Guyanese National Cooperative Bank are being lodged by members of the PNC. The youth of the PNC seem to be struggling for a much stronger socialist course in the socialist youth organization and the Woman’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement. They’re claiming that there’s still misuse and misappropriations, lack of the proper amount of socialization that should be conducted. (Pause)

The New Nation, official organ of the uh, PNC, the ruling party, states that they are suspicious of Carter’s move in Chile and Venezuela. (Tape edit) They said he did not miss of course this opportunity to pronounce his favorite hypocritical theme of human rights, this time praising Perez for his commitment to be guarantee of such rights. But many viewers observed that it’s more than coin– coincidental the announcement of huge aid fund Venezuela’s making available for international projects.

In Brazil, the United States president had a very cool reception, due to the fact that he told the Brazilian people that they were not going to be able to develop nuclear reactors, and they resisted him– his overture in this regard by not attending his reception. During the [Henry] Kissinger era, Brazil was urged to take on the task of being the arm of the United States imperialist watchdog against the spread of socialism in Latin America, against (unintelligible word) she was officially upgraded to superpower status by the United States administration at that time. Promise of sophisticated military aid was given, and a regular time– (unintelligible word) table was announced in exchange of visits by top US and Brazilian leaders. In the meantime, the harsh reality is that Brazil has such a tremendous economic reversal and has openly clashed with new Carter administrations on the human rights issues and questioning their national sovereignty in supplying advanced nuclear technology from West Germany. It is widely believed that the role of not only Latin America but also Carib– Caribbean watchdog has been passed on to Chile. We all know the zeal with which the latter fascist regime placed in power by US imperialism has been carrying out this task. Particularly suspiciously warm liaison chances with Grenada, but it’s still unclear what significance over outcome– what significant outcome has fallen on Mr. Carter’s talks and visits in Brazil. He’s not known– he said that happened after the Kissinger visit, there’ll be a sudden emergency– emergence of hostility between Bril– Brazil and socialist countries. This is doubtful, however, since not only has the alleged threat of Guyana socialism and other socialist nations in the Caribbean been discredited in terms of exporting revolution, but also Brazil’s observer status, if the Third World can join with the economic difficulty that she faces, has made her much more appreciative of Third World causes. Brazil is moving more to liberal positions daily. We’ll have to wait and see if there will be any massive infusion of aid to boost the gigantic sugar and burgeoning bauxite concerns in Brazil as a result of Carter’s visit. Such a development may not augur very well the stability of our own enterprises, but the appeal that Brazil, said the organ of the PNC, New Nation, has learned its lesson, not to trust the imperial design of the USA.

Shortly before the end of President [Gerald] Ford’s term of office, Nigerian government tersely advised Dr. Kissinger that his personal security could not be guaranteed were he to visit their country, as he eagerly wanted to. The former Secretary of State cancelled that– cancelled his then-much publicized visit to the powerful African country and returned home, his African shuttle abroad aborted. Yet today, Mr. Carter can really actually touch down in Lago– Lagos. Why? A new American administration has been stepping up the courtship of Nigeria for several reasons. Firstly, the Americans wish to undercut the growing Soviet bloc and Cuban influence on the African continent for liberation. Secondly, Nigeria is the second largest supplier of oil to the United States, after Saudi Arabia. And thirdly, and very importantly, the recognition is drawing– and dawning that a pliable role can be and perhaps will be played by the powerful and wealthy Nigerian military in influencing the outcome of the conflict in Southern Africa. Were this to happen, the United States wishes to be sure that its position has been sold to the Nigerians, even though we in the PNC feel it is not a sincere position. This is rather an am– ambitious ploy by the United States, for certainly the history of African politics, with the noted exception of the reactionary Zarian– Zairean regime, does not give this kind of initiative say more than a fleeting chance of success.

Lastly, Mr. Carter has visited Liberia, but so has Mr. Vorster, fascist from South Africa. And this latter fact testifies to the softness of William Tolbert’s rightwing regime and how his policies are the embodiment of– of that– of what capitalist societies desire. We say no more on this, but quote an authoritative stu– study on Liberia’s dilemma. Since 1912, foreign advisors played an important role in decision-making in Liberia. And complicated, unfair [Pause] loans– completed and complicated un– unfair loans tied the country to external creditors. In 1926, (tape edit) the government signed an agreement with Firestone Rubber Company, permitting the latter to grow rubber in return for protection from foreign governments and a loan for five million dollars used to pay off their debts. Service charges on the loan from Firestone and the advisers’ salary amounted to a fixed charge of nearly 270,000 [dollars] a year, constituting 20 percent of government’s revenues in 1928 and about 50 percent in 1931. Firestone later increased its control to include ownership of the major bank, the radio communications system, and the airlines, and prospecting rights to look for minerals on the millions on acres of land granted them from the impoverished Liberians who are still at sub-starvation levels. But the Carter visit must be praised for the overall concern it seemingly places in attempting to understand the problems of the underdeveloped, whatever his motivation. But to the extent that the dust has not yet fully settled after his visits to Venezuela, Brazil and Nigeria, much more– not much more can be said.

It is apparent that the youth that predominate the party of the PNC do not trust Carter. The undertone of all their articles is a wait-and-see policy. The same tone that comes from Cuba, that Carter’s been forced, and the fact that the Cuban and Soviet assistance is so promising, it’s gained them such heroic adulation – that is, the Soviet and Cuban people – that US posture has forced to be changed. What remains to be seen is whether Carter can convince rationally the US government and John Q. Public that they’re going to have to make changes in this world before it blows up. (tape edit) (Pause)

This afternoon’s radio reports that the issue of Surinam and Guyana – Surinam’s the nation to the east, you should look at our new world map, prepared by engineer Christian, the bond so you can read your news and study it well – has been settled for the time being, that US imperialism, according to Guyana Broadcasting, has not been able to wedge differences between two great black nations. That is an encouraging effect, because earlier it did not look very promising. (Pause)

The mounting popularity and influence of socialism throughout the world is provoking imperialist propaganda machinery to intensely attack against the system. The latest effort worth noting appeared in the Time Magazine of US, noted for its reactionary stands, says the Guyana Chronicle, Sunday, April 2. It is worth noting, because it unwittingly exposes the confusion and concern of imperialism in the face of the world socialist revolutionary process that is destined to liberate all of the oppressed of the world.

It is also a perfect example of journalistic sensationalism. The article appeared under the headline, “A Special Report: Socialism: Its Trials and Error.” On the cover page of Time Magazine, the word “Socialism” is drawn out, said the Guyana Chronicle, organ of our own PNC government, Peoples National Congress. It was drawn out in a very spectacular way, in big block letters, some of these standing upright, others falling, and most of them with huge cracks and jagged edges. All around this drawing of the word “Socialism” in the Time he– magazine, which is made to look like a crumbling edifice or building, are tiny figures of workers, some in machines, others on ladders, still others armed with all sorts of tools, and with all apparently carrying out a task of repairing this crumbling building.

The impression one is supposed to get from looking at the cover page of Time Magazine, reactionary US magazine, is that the structure Socialism is crumbling, breaking up despite repairs being feverishly carried out. It looks impressive, but the special report to support this image however falls short of its mark.  The author of the special report, for example, describes the Marxist doctrine of class struggle and its outcome as having over the past 100 years been transformed into a new, often hollow orthodoxy, bitterly distrusted among disillusioned socialists themselves, and by new ideologically homeless radicals. (Tape edit) The fact of the matter is that Karl Marx’ scientific theory revealing the process of history is an instrument of objective forecasting which predicts the fall of capitalist society and asserts the inevitability of the system of socialism. Up in the light of the predictions by this doctrine, its unqualified rejection by imperialism, is not difficult to understand, particularly in view of the fact that Marxism now has two-thirds of the world’s population under its umbrella of protection.

But this mere wishing away of objective laws of social development by US imperialism through its propaganda machinery of Time Magazine, is extremely naïve, said the Guyana Chron– Chronicle, to say the least. Several of the well-worn arguments, for example, on deprivation of individual liberties and freedom, bureaucratic inefficiency, corruption and elitism in socialist countries are faithfully reproduced in the special report. Needless to say, these charges have been refuted from time to time by all revolutionaries throughout the world. (tape edit)

Some of the situation is mentioned to highlight the ineffectiveness of socialism in other countries are in fact, it should be noted, characteristic of societies in the period of transition from capitalism to socialism. Sweeping generalities and specific allegations, a side the special report turns out to be a somewhat lying, grudging, reluctant acceptance of growing advances and victories of the socialist system. Commenting of the quality of state-provided social services under socialism, the writer admits that the essential human services provided by Marxist-Leninist states often match and oftentimes top those in Western democracies, so-called. The writer admits that economically, socialism has logged impressive achievements, sometimes against tremendous odds. Indeed, on careful analysis of the special report, one senses an underlying attitude of pessimistic fatalism towards the topic.

It is obvious that the special report is sort of panic reaction to the continuing rapid growth and development of the socialist system, is nothing more than blatant imperialist propaganda. It is widely known that the system of capitalism is even now experiencing serious economic difficulties. The growing impact of socialism, acknowledged by the special report, even in the Times [Time] itself, is one of the main factors accelerating the distin– disintegration of the capitalist system, primarily kept alive today by US monopoly forces.

Briefly, the general crisis of capitalism, said the Guyana Chronicle uh, this last Sunday, began in 1917 with the victory of the great October Revolution in the Soviet Union, USSR. At the end of the Second World War, the crisis became much more serious when a number of countries in Asia and Europe broke away from the capitalist orbit and embraced the freeing, emancipating force of socialism. At the same time, said the Guyana Chronicle this last Sunday, the vigorous and undaunted struggles of the national liberation revolutionary movements against the capitalist system made possible the formation of several independent states. By the late 1950s, the system of colonialism had almost completely collapsed by the forces and coalition of socialism.

Of course, our own efforts in obtaining independence here in Guyana and the construction of a socialist society under the banner of the vanguard of Marxist-Leninism, the Peoples National Congress, hardly needs stressing. The recent victories of the liberation movements in Asia and Africa also are further manifestations of the growing disintegration of the capitalist system. Even at home, the capitalist countries find themselves more and more being confronted by crippling strikes, unemployment bringing about near starvation levels, even the US, and industrial unrest as the workers struggle harder to assert their rights and (stumbles over word) extricate the exploitation of man by man. The capitalist states are being forced to start making gradual concessions in order to preserve the base of the capitalist order. The special report itself acknowledges recognition of necessity and stirrings of conscience will continue to spur the capitalist to embrace some of these demands for social justice through the only means necessary, socialism. Instead of placing a drawing of a crumbling building, edifice of socialism on the cover of the new– the Time Magazine, US, the editors should have placed the world [word] capitalism, and imperialism of course in a similar state of disaffair, decay and disarray for the few bourgeoisie ideologists feverishly painting and carrying out urgent repairs to the structure which will be inadequate because the forces of socialism, spearheaded by the great October Revolution in the USSR, according to the Guyana Chronicle, sen– Sunday, April 2, [Emphatic conclusion] will be destined to victory. (Pause)

A little insight into the youth sentiment of the PNC.

News of the world is still at the same pace, a stand-off at the Horn of Africa as Ethiopia holds its own–­ due– own– holds its own wealth due to Cuban and Soviet aid. You heard the noon news about Andrew Young and should ask about it, a typical example of schizophrenia. (Pause) Blacks tragically know political assassinations well. In the life of the black civil rights leader, the whine of the bullets from ambush, said Guyana Chronicle yesterday, the roar of the bomb of all too often broken the night’s silence. They have been replaced now by lunching as a political weapon, again dignified by leaders, Senators and Supreme Court justices in the United States, said the Guyana Chronicle. More than a decade ago, sudden death came to Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. [and Hariette] Moore, NAACP leaders in Florida. The Reverend George Lee of Belzone, Mississippi was shot to death on the steps of a rural courthouse. The bombings multiplied. 1963 was a year of assassinations, Medgar Evers in Jackson, William Moore of Alabama, six blessed Negro children in Birmingham, and who could doubt that these too were all part of a political assassination process of the United States. Ten years ago, on April 4, 1968, a real fighter was brought down by a sniper’s bullet, instrumented by the FBI, while standing on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. Not everyone, said the Guyana Chronicle, thought he was fighting the right way, but there must’ve been a few of us in Guyana who did not feel anger enough at this senseless, brutal act, which brought his life to an end. Even though we did not agree that peace, pacifism and non-violence could bring it about, Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights leader, a believer in nonviolence, assassinated that day for the struggle. Before his death, he spoke out about assassinations. Just before his death. And I gave you some of them just a moment ago, jumping around in the article. The unforgivable default of our society has been its failure to approach– to apprehend the assassins– (Pause) and I demand the– the apprehension of the assassins, said this article being picked up from the Communist Daily Worker. It is a harsh judgment but undeniably true that the cause of the indifference was the identity of the victims. Nearly all were blacks, and blacks do not count, even today, in US life.

And so the plague spread until all claimed the most eminent American– until it claimed the most eminent American, the warmly loved and respected president even. The word that Jesus, inasmuch as you have done it until one of the least of these, my brethren, you’ve done it unto me, were more than a figurative expression, they were a literal prophecy. We were all involved in the death of John Kennedy, said the US article, reprinted in the Guyana Chronicle, we tolerated hate, we tolerated the sick– simulation of violence in all walks of life. We tolerated the differential application of law, which said that a man’s life was sacred only if we agreed with his views– uh, we agreed that property was more important than human rights. This may explain the cascading grief that flooded the country in late November. We mourned a man who’d become the pride of the nation, but we grieve as well for ourselves, because we knew we were sick, and it’s not getting any better. We need to remember, said this article reprinted in the Guyana Chronicle, Martin Luther King, born January 15, 1929, assassinated April 4, 1968, memory lapses, but mourners lament, because the conditions of racial injustice and oppression are even greater, said the Guyana Chronicle, today in America than they were at the time of the passing of the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King. (Pause)

You will listen now to the movie. The Steering Committee will gather, we’ll have the movie, which needs to be watched and observed to learn that, as the Guyana Chronicle said, peace and pacificism does not succeed in defending people against revolutionary exploitation, and that counterrevolutionary exploitation takes revolutionary violence of the people, prepared to be demonstrated on the moment’s notice that you will fight for your freedom and maintain your solidarity. So watch that movie, read in the library, increase your socialist knowledge. We’ve embarked upon experiment of total liberation. We’re internationalists, we have great, great benefits, oh so many built-in benefits, and we have the opportunity to fight for what we die, if worse came to worse. We’ve all the protections, paranormal of Father, great protections of socialism, thousand strong guaranteeing you medicine, nurses around the clock right now with Isaac Edwards, who’s doing well, should’ve been dead, as Rose [Shelton] should’ve been dead this week, thousand strong to defend that no one will come in and take you away, our own security forces guarding this 30 miles of our territory very well. Thousand strong guaranteeing your eating tomorrow and for many, many tomorrows. For no man shall take our life. We will lay it down only when we get prepared for the cause of revolution or to bring a message redounding for justice on the behalf of oppressed peoples. We are fortunate people to have something to live for, to be able to protect our children, to even be able to protect them in revolutionary suicide, if the worse came to worse.

We are indeed a noble people, because we have Cause that lifts us above the animal plane and a leader who loved us so much, he suffers daily, nightly, going through the intrinsic planning that I mentioned to you earlier, how people goof up, and I have to plan on the radio every move to see that you’re taken care of, to guarantee in the transition of this country in– from capitalism to socialism, if necessary to bring doctors from Cuba to get the very best follow-up on our young patient, (unintelligible word) child. What a wonderful spirit that you see, that your leader will spare nothing and has time to attend to the individual needs, as well as the tremendous collective planning, costly, costly planning, to maintain us.

Today, it was difficult getting oil because of the boycott. It was very difficult because of the power failure. But we got oil to get us through. The intricate planning that goes in to get us food in a time of world crisis, when US is spinning in confusion, as its economic order is about to falter and even to collapse, as the dollar plummets every day, worse and worse on the world market. No dollar in the world can possibly be compared to the failing US dollar. It fails compares to the Deutschmark, Germany, Swiss mark– Swiss franc, rather, the French franc, English pound, particularly the Japanese yen. The economy’s in one hell of a state. Jimmy Carter caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, man without any real conscience, and trying to please everyone and not pleasing anyone. Thus being thrown under investigative inquiry by the FBI himself. It’s a troubled time. If we hold on, we can go through all of the difficulties, or even White Nights, if necessary, to the day when systems falter. We’ll be able then to thrust liberation out, extend benefits to all people, and expand this beautiful program to take in all those that are hungry, for equality that some of you take for granted, hungry for protection that some of you don’t even appreciate, hungry for the assurances that Father will never let anyone come in and take them away. Oh, the world would die, many of them would die to see their children have this opportunity.

We each to the very moment of dust, should be cleaning, painting, repairing, check with coordinators, new incentives and new ways to build housing, let’s cut down lights wherever possible, ‘cause we’ve got to watch in this economic boycott, what can be an economic boycott, we do not waste any generator parts, our electrical bulbs, and our water must also be cut down, because that c– requires power to pump the water up, so we have an abundance of it.

Thank you and all my love. Shorter news than usual because all day’s been spent in strategies with the Georgetown radio.

Much love. Again, the movie– the movie again, it has a message. You should study it over and again, till you are prepared to do anything for socialism. Anything, my brother, my sister, anything, my children, anything but fail. Steering Committee also begin at this hour. Thank you.

(Tape edit)

Male: Okay, we’re going to have Steering Committee, all Steering Committee– all Steering Committee members, let’s assemble in the rice tent, in the rear of the rice tent, right–

(End of Part I)

(Part II) – Music