Adams undated memo to Jones (Spring 1975)


[Undated, likely spring 1975]

To: JJ

From: Paula


A man in the ministry of information was telling me that there is another American group that is going to settle not too far from us in Arakita (I don’t know where that is, but it is someplace near us).

The group is called “Huru SaSa”. They lived in commune-type dwellings before they came to Guyana, and are supposed to be something like Black Nationalism advocates. They came from Brooklyn, New York


Joe Lambert of Guyana Airways (Sales Manager) made the following statements about Johnny leaving:

  1. What about the political considerations of the respect and acceptance that John has acquired?
  2. He made an indirect statement about the consideration of John being the Black male in the forefront.
  3. Not related to John, he then informed me that he is expecting to come see our churches at the end of May, 1975. He does not want to be tied down to going to any services or long meetings, but wants to see our facilities and any other points of information that he can carry back here about our group. I will inform you of his exact or almost exact date of arrival when it is confirmed that he will be going.
  4. He wants to have a relationship with me (his words). This was a friend of Chris’s.


1. All have left except one person of the members who were from the United States. There are still some Amerindians in the interior who were with the project, but the American (US) members have attempted to sell everything that they had leaving the Amerindians with no more than what is developed on the land. The only person who is still here is Greg Dorty, who is white; he is having to sell everything out.