Adams memo to Jean Brown, Fall 1977




1. A.J. [Archie Ijames] should write to Sherlock Yaw and tell him of his activities (purchasing equipment, working for the church there, getting equipment ready for sending down to Guyana) and mentioned that his co-workers in Guyana told A.J. that Yaw had asked us several times about A.J. (so that he doesn’t wonder all of a sudden why he is getting a letter). Also A.J. should mention something about Rosie [Ijames] and say something to the effect that Yaw may have met A.J.’s daughter and her husband [Debbie and Mike Touchette] and that Mike is a wonderful son-in-law (or something like this).

I think A.J. told Sherlock Yaw some of his paranoias and fears of death when A.J. was going through a mentally disturbed state just before he joined you there. They were “good buddies”, and Sherlock is giving us trouble up there right now, with some anti-white sentiments and anti-Yankee comments, but in spite of these feelings he still asks us about Archie every time we see him. Write to:

Mr. Sherlock Yaw
Agricultural Officer
Matthews Ridge, North West Region
Guyana, South America

2. In the papers last week was an article about Claude Worrel denouncing his United States citizenship and repatriated to Guyana. (You probably already know about it by now.

3. Philip’s Immigration card looks like this:


This is to certify that


A20 048 166 (Registration Number)

has been duly registered according to the law and was admitted to the United States as an immigrant at

Port: SFR

Mo. Day Yr. of Entry: 6/29/72

Class: Z-2

Mo. Day Yr. of birth: 11/1/53

Sex: M

Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization

United States Department of Justice

15 If 18 years of age or older, you are required by law to have this card with you at all times.


3. Con’d



Phil’s picture

This card will be honored in lieu of visa and passport if rightful owner is not returning from a country or area specified in Part 211 of Title 8. Code of Federal Regulations, was not absent over a year, and is not otherwise excludable under immigration laws. If travel in such a country or area, or absence over a year is contemplated, consult Immigration and Naturalization Service office before you depart as to whether you should apply for another document. Notify I & N service of address during January each year and within 10 days after each change of address. Obtain forms from any immigration or post office. Always include your A number in communication to I & N service.

Under Philip’s passport and visa information is blurred and not completely readable. None of it pertains to when he left the US. There is an immigration staff dated JUL (and the day and year didn’t print). I think this is from US when he became an immigrant to the US.

I asked Phil the following questions:

What kind of visa do you have? Ans: Permanent address with an alien registration card.

Married status or otherwise? Ans. Married status.

4. I would go to see the General Manager of the shipping line that brought in our stuff and [illegible word] his Christian sympathies with our dilemma and the items damaged in shipment, but I don’t know how much the damage is worth. The only two things that were damaged according to Charlie [Touchette] was an air compressor which broke loose from the way it was created inside and the generator. I cannot get a figure out of him as to an estimate of the damage. He does not think that it is the shipper’s fault, but rather that it was ours in the way that we crated the items, and he is not showing any interest in getting a claim. It will be as much as I think that you there think it will be, but anything is something. Perhaps if you could use some discretion in requesting that he look into the matter or if he could give you some idea of the cost of the damage or something, but he was reluctant, figured that it would do no good and that it wasn’t so much damage as just junk that was sent down in the first place. If the insurance company is getting impatient, then I could go ahead and get a letter stating that there was damage done to these items in the appraisal of the damage could come later. (That is what I will do anyway… Hopefully there isn’t [ any more than those two items damaged.) [Handwritten addition: “I am not sure, at this point, that I can get the letter, but will do my best.”]


5. The radio transmissions, from information that Ia m getting here from Charlie, Al, and Joyce, are far from what we would like them to be. Ben is defensive about angry comment that is made by Charlie when he is criticizing the equipment that was sent down with the shipment. Ben should just listen to the criticism and tell Charlie that he will inform the GCC or the person involved, because it is getting very frustrating to Charlie to say that something wasn’t serviced or repaired properly and to have been come back and say, “Yes, it was.” If Ben is sure that something was repaired thoroughly and seen it firsthand, he should still say that he will tell someone about it, because it is sounding like Ben is becoming the hearing board and decision maker for many things. For example, The Buddha Generator is the 30KVA generator that we are using to keep our domestic and working electricity running until we can get the 100kva generator repaired and the other one in from town (we couldn’t offload it because we had no crane). Charlie said that it hadn’t been serviced because the oil was black on the dipstick and it uses 2 gallons of oil in 10 days. Charlie was also told by Smitty [Walter Jones] that the Buddha was bought knowing parts couldn’t be gotten for it (the engine), because it is a model of use only by the army and only the army has parts for it and Smitty said that the only way that parts could be found would be to find another engine the same model in another army junkyard (this is what Charlie told me). They have told me about other things said to Ben and he has been defensive, but I would have to ask them again to refresh my memory if you want anymore [any more] examples.