March 20, 1978 Handwritten note on Mann


[Handwritten note]

March 20 Mon.

Bonnie Mann conv.

  1. AMA visit and the fact that our doctor isn’t licensed. We can’t have them if Larry [Schacht] doesn’t have his full license.
  2. 2 young people who claim to be working for foreign stringers are out our house asking a lot of questions. Sharon [Amos] didn’t tell me their names, but these young people did make a crack about you.

Mon. March 20

Sons of Reporters Kirton & Blackman

– a 7th-Day Adventist made the statement that we worshiped Jim.

– Lisa said they were trying to reassure us that they are not doing an article on their discussions tonight.

– They said they hope we aren’t too concerned about them doing anything on us cause they weren’t talking for that reason.

– They said they would want to see the place before they would do an article on us.