April 10, 1978 typed note to Jones on Mann


BONNIE MANN – Radio phone patch on April 10, 1978

Terri B. [Buford] has a transcript of the tape.

I asked the usual how he was and if he had seen a doctor because last time he was sick, he said he had seen the doctor.

He asked, in so many words if I was fucking anyone else.

I told him about the Boston Globe article and Larry [Schacht] being compared to another Dr. [Albert] Schweitzer.

I told him about the success of the cultural program and that Hammie  was there, and his wife, and liked it a lot (Hamilton Green). I told him that Gavin (Kennard, Minister of Agri) was there and liked it a lot, especially the part where Marcie, my mom, spoke. I forgot to mention that even the people from the US Embassy liked it.

I asked him when he was coming down, he said, not before June or August. (I figured that now that his friend Rashleigh  Jackson, who probably feels he owes Mann something for getting him his post, or Mann may have something over Jackson, now that he was Foreign Minister that we could see Mann in Guyana anytime he wants to come down). Even [Fred] Wills said that Rashleigh  Jackson would work as a puppet for Mann.

Mann asked when I was coming down and I told him in June. He said I should come down next month (May). I said I would have to see. I then told him that I would need diplomatic immunity to come. He asked why. I told him that I would have to think about how to word this. I then told him that I hadn’t done anything wrong but I was accused by certain agencies of doing something I hadn’t done. I told him that no one believed it, but it was still something I needed to be careful about. (Carolyn [Layton] said that I shouldn’t have gone into the details about needing diplomatic immunity, but I didn’t know exactly how to get the point across without doing so.) I told him that it was all part of the same thing, the conspiracy. He said that I didn’t need to worry and that I should come the end of this month or next month. He said he would make all of the arrangements such as sending the tickets etc. I don’t think he will do anything about it unless I press the issue which I did not do last night. The people in the room thought I should let it drop, but unless I pin him down to something specific to do, he won’t do it for sure. When he says he will do something specific, he still may not do it, but there is a possibility in those cases. It may not have been a good idea to keep pushing it, but I do think we should pin him down on something tangible next time. At least we did get it on tape that he said he would take care of it and I did probably over-commit myself to having been accused of something serious enough to need diplomatic immunity, and he said he would take care of everything and that I could come.

I told him I loved him very much, that I missed them very much, and also that I missed “communicating” with him.

He is always asking me to write. I told him that because of the power failure that the post office was not working because they couldn’t see and they couldn’t operate their equipment. He mentioned the power failure to me first and said that his friend Neil Cheong was in Barbados vacationing until the worst was over with the power failure. (This is an area where I could scare him out of coming down to Guyana for a while because he cannot stand that kind of inconvenience.)

[Handwritten addition] He asked when we could do this again (talk). I said, Thursday. He said fine.



[The reverse side of page ddd-1 is scratch paper, unrelated to the Paula Adams file, and was not transcribed.]



[Duplicate of BB-1-ddd-1, with notation that the memo was “To Jim, From Paula”]



[The reverse side of page fff-1 is scratch paper, unrelated to the Paula Adams file, and was not transcribed.]