Adams Note Submitted to Ptolemy Reid, Summer 1978


[Editor’s note: This undated note with the handwritten notation “Submitted to Dr. Reid,” was likely written by Paula Adams, since its revelation seems like something entrusted to a confidante.]

Subject: Bonnie Mann’s comments when he was drunk.

Mann looks at the Prime Minister Burnham as somewhat of a god -like figure. When he was drunk he made a comment about what he would do if the Prime Minister were to die and you [Ptolemy Reid] were to be his successor. He said that you lacked the sophistication to make a leader in the world of international affairs. He grumbled other things about how Guyana would have to turn the clocks of progress backward. But what disturbed me the most is his comment that before he would see you become Prime Minister, he would shoot his way to the top. He claims that his experience qualifies him and that he would stop at nothing to reach the position he rightfully deserves.