July 16, 1978 handwritten report on “Mann”


July 16, 1978


1. When I told him that we’d been assured by people high up that our people won’t be extradited for either civil or criminal charges, he said we don’t have any extradition treaty with the US.

2. When I questioned about the comment Dwyer made about the money, he said Dwyer was talking about his opinion that the farm would not support itself, we are having to send people door-to-door to collect money he heard, and he wondered how we would make it when our money ran out.

3. When I asked about the 1200 on the doorstep comment Dwyer made, and if it was connected with John, he said, “how would that be connected with John.” I said, “Maybe he has new information.” He said, “He was talking about all of the correspondence he’s been getting from both sides and the only thing worse would be 1200 on his doorstep.”

4. He said what I wanted Dwyer to talk about, Dwyer wouldn’t discuss.

5. These are the relevant responses. The actual conversation was shrouded with such comments as, “Why are you cross-examining me at 6 AM. Can’t you tell


I’m sleepy (he played poker from 4:00 PM Sat afternoon until 5:45 AM Sun morning).

6. I am maintaining a posture of anger for telling me we were going out Sat night and then playing poker all night. My only conversation with him were these questions. (I told him he played poker all night after telling me we were going out and didn’t even show me enough concern to put my mind at ease about Dwyer’s comments. It was not exactly a high moment… but I didn’t know that I should drop the anger posture without gaining some ground first.)

7. He kept calling me “white woman” who wouldn’t even talk to “us niggers” when I went downstairs and passed the table without speaking. He knows that incenses me which is why he does it. However, I didn’t react with a defensive answer, for a change, and countered with my questions about Dwyer.