July 21-22, 1978 handwritten report on “Mann”


Friday/Sat July 21/22


1. Mann made a comment about that he almost gave the book I just finished which I am reading (In Search of Spies, a CIA exposé) to the Prime Minister. But the Prime Minister already has it.

2. (I may have already written this) He said he was going to speak to Judge Bishop about the case. He said it is still the contempt of court and writ of habeous [habeas] corpus before the court, isn’t it? I said yes. I then said, “we’d heard from someone in government that it was going to be a favorable decision for Jim. He just said, oh? (as a question). It was not an affirmation or denunciation – definitely a neutral “oh” to change the subject.

3. When I told him about the blood test which is admissible in a Calif court, and how our lawyer challenged Stoen to the blood test and he refused, he said, “I believe [illegible word, could be “Jesse”] is fucking down the whole Temple, bar none.” He said it with [a] devious little smile. The whole point was to enrage me with a line


of defensive comments and anger at his business. He’s like a dirty old man who says vulgar words for the shock value.

4. He says “constantly!” “Do you think ___ thinks we fuck?” Yesterday it was Maria. When he asked me, I jumped up and went to the telephone and said, “let’s ask her.” I dialed and got Maria on the line & told her Bonnie [Mann] had a question. He nearly crumbled until I stopped. I was so disgusted that I nearly asked but thought it would be carrying things a bit too far.

5. Like most child molesters, he was fascinated by Maria’s lie detector test. He thought Maria’s dad was suing Maria. I told him no – he’d never take a chance because he’d lose for sure. I told him Maria would not have done this if he hadn’t taken the matter to court. He didn’t comment.

(Our conversations over the last day and a half have been mostly monologues and he hasn’t had much to say – that is, on relevant issues.)


6. I told him we were suing Stoen for $50 million. He said, “what for?” I said conflict of interest. I said he gave us advice on civil matters which he is using against us. He said, “Why get into this?” I said, “You can’t just sit by and let them do that to us, I said you have to fight fire with fire.” He just sucked his teeth, a Guyanese expression for disgust.)