July 22 (1), 1978 handwritten report on “Mann”



Saturday July 22

1. We spent a lot of time talking about racism in the US and about Andrew Young’s comments about political prisoners in US jails, about Carter’s erratic behavior about the book In Search Of Enemies, about Kennedy’s assassination, and other related subjects (which I can’t remember now). He said the racism in the US is mutual hatred of white hating black and black hating white. He said, “I have to hand it to Jim Jones. I’ve never seen a group of black and white Americans so harmonious.” He said, “I never see any flare-ups between any of you. Is it that way in there (meaning Jonestown)?” I said, “When everyone lives on an equal economic and social basis, there is no reason for racial tension.” I said, “We don’t have flare-ups.”

He said that Andrew Young’s comments about political prisoners in US jails it is only the truth. He said what do you call the Weathermen and people like that if they’re not political prisoners.

He said Carter is a funny chap. His behavior is erratic.

He said Kennedy’s assassination had several witnesses all die by mysterious circumstances and violent deaths.


He said Soviet occupation in Africa is overestimated. He said he would never forgive Savimbi (Angola UNITA leader) for aligning with the white South Africans even though Stockwell, who wrote In Search…, called it expedient. He said though, it took a lot of courage to write it because Stockwell and his manuscript could have disappeared. He said it was only because of all the pressure on different agencies that they didn’t do him in.

I don’t recall every detail but we talked about these areas for a good hour and a half.

2. I asked him if he plans to come back to Guyana to live? I said it could make things awkward for us (because his wife would be here). He said he’d really not thought about it (he says that to me every time we talk about him coming back). He said he couldn’t live with all of the inconveniences of not having a good car, no spare parts to keep his car in good order, no good liquor to drink, no novels, and he’d get bored. He said he has plenty to do in Washington and if he gets bored, he gets on a plane and goes to New York. He said he would take a job


with some international thing (he means World Bank, etc. – because I’ve asked the question before). I said, “What if the Prime Minister asked you to come back.” He said, “I come back.” He paused, then said, “But he would never do that.”

3. He was irate when I went out with Debbie Touchette between 8:30 AM and 12:15 PM today, eye twitching and everything. He said I told [him] I was going to Coop Bank and he went there looking for me and I wasn’t there. I told him I went to Barclays Bank and to the Mercy Hospital. He is accusing me of going to fuck a Cuban doctor or some doctor. He was mad about it all day.

4. We went out to dinner with Rex McKay and his girlfriend. We then went to the Palm Court where people drink and dance. There was a woman we met a few days ago there. He invited her to join us. He practically fell in her lap trying to make it with her. I know I’m not pretty but this lady was ugly. I feigned illness so I could come home (about midnight). I


figured if he got a fuck somewhere else, it is one less I have to go through and it is obvious to all that I am his steady. I hope it was all right.

5. When I told him I wanted to go to Grenada and that I’ve always wanted to go there, he jumped off the bed, sucked his teeth in disgust and said, “Number one, Grenada is difficult to get into and even more difficult to get out of.” “Number two, I’m not going for a holiday. I want to go to Barbados because Neil (Cheong) is there.” (Neil is the people’s house we are staying at.)