July 22 (2), 1978 handwritten report on “Mann”



Saturday July 22

1. I forgot to mention before, we went to the Palm Court Restaurant for dinner. I purposely walked up to Bertie Anderson, Secretary to the President, to say hello so someone would know we are together. We then went to Maurice King’s, permanent Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture. George Henry, an architect, and his wife and Wilma Harper (former Minister of Health’s wife and she is also a cousin of Viola Burnham) were there. George Henry said, in front of all, two people came to him for a donation from us. He then said, “What about those barbed wire fences.” I said, “Well, they let me out of the grave I’ve been buried in so I could come to town.” Everyone laughed and then June King, who has always been very nice to me and tried to make me feel at ease, asked how the project is going (and I told her some of the new developments) she told her husband she wanted to go to Jonestown and for them to go. He said he’d try to arrange it. (They have both said they wanted to go before but haven’t so far.) Maurice King has been there before a couple of years ago with Minister Kennard [Gavin Kennard, Guyana Minister of Agriculture].


It was a very dull evening, but I pushed and pushed to go out so we could be seen. If I am to continue going to public places, let me know – and I will (I don’t push it because it embarrasses me to be seen with him.)