July 23, 1978 handwritten report on “Mann”



Sunday July 23

1. Lionel Luckhoo came over to play poker with Mann. Lio said he had talked to Bishop several times about when he’d reach a decision. He said, “I don’t think I should approach him again or it will go against us.” He said, “Bishop is an idiot.” When the Attorney General approached him about something about the referendum cases, (he said something in legalistic language which I didn’t understand).” He said, “Bishop refused and the AG had to get someone under him to take care of it.” He said, “I would have fired him on the spot. That was the Attorney General, you know.” He said, ” Bishop should never have been made a judge in the first place.” He [illegible word] all of the things said about the referendum and the AG to Mann. Then he turned to me and said, “I told you from the start we’d lose this one.” He said “Bishop doesn’t want to give a decision.” Mann said, “Well I want this thing settled because it affects my job. People calling me all the time asking me about it.”

Lio said Bishop said he was getting all these letters saying the decision should be decided in PT favor and he’s getting all these calls. He said


“I told him it doesn’t take much to write a letter or say it is from the PT.” Mann said, “Exactly.” Lio said, “I told him the PT doesn’t stay at the Hotel Tower or wherever it was the calls came from.”

Lio said, “I feel embarrassed every time someone from the PT cause me for an appt.” “There is nothing I can tell them.”

2. Playing poker again today.

3. He is still civil to me but not succombed to me as a lover. I am a convenient asset.

4. He asked me today if Maria thinks we fuck.

5. He said to Maria on the phone about her lie detector test that she had a very rough childhood.

6. I think something should be said to Mann about what Lio said about losing the case. I should say something about someone high in government told us we’d win and that we were told not to discuss it. To leave it there would not be wise.