July 27, 1978 (1) typed report on “Mann”


Thursday, July 27, 1978


1. He told me that Peoples Temple was a topic of discussion again when he met with Dwyer [Richard Dwyer, Deputy Chief of Mission for U.S. Embassy in Guyana] and McCoy. He said McCoy [Richard McCoy, U.S. Embassy Consul] told him of 3 instances where your opposition made outright lies. One was a boy who they claimed had his head shaved and when they went out there (to Jonestown), he saw the boy and if he had a big afro. He said there was no possible way he could have grown his hair like that between the time of the complaint and when he saw the boy. He said there was another similar case. He didn’t know either of the two people[‘]s names, or wouldn’t tell me. He said he asked McCoy if the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco had found anything to the allegations made against us and McCoy said, “No.” He said, “McCoy could have been telling me these things because of you.” I said, “No, he has told the same thing to others, like Carl Blackman [Guyana Chronicle newspaper reporter], and they have told us the same thing you are now telling me.” I told him that McCoy has been up to the farm so many times that if there was anything to the lies, by now he would have seen something strange if there was anything strange going on.” I said, “Dick moves about going wherever he wants to and seeing who he wants to.” “He may have something definite in mind but he is free to go wherever he wants to because we have nothing to hide.” I said, “If you would go up with me, you would see for yourself.” He didn’t answer me.

2. He is mellow in the daytime usually. We talked between the hours of 9:30 AM and 7 PM.

3. He is now planning to stay until Monday because he can’t get a confirmed flight before then.

4. He is obsessed with playing poker every night. Tonight he was having a little trouble getting enough people to play so he’s been calling all over to find people to play.

5. When he came in this morning, 4:30 AM, he said, “It is so nice coming home to you. With Juliet (his wife) it is always a big row (Guyanese expression for a fight).” This is the first time I’ve heard him talk about domestic troubles. My inclination is to remind him how good she is to him and if he mentions again – I will (unless told not to). The reason I’m mentioning this is that 3 times in the last few days, he’s made comments about what I would have to do if I were married to him. It is likely a manipulation and an egotistical assumption that that is what any woman would want being in may [my] position. I responded once by telling him, “Who said I want to get married?” I reassured him at the same time of my absolute love and loyalty to him, but I got a little concerned that he might get a divorce if he thought something was waiting for him. I don’t believe he’s thinking seriously and is manipulating, but in case they are feelers, I don’t want to take any chances. He would be unmatched viciousness if he did divorce thinking I would take up housekeeping.