Telegram from Maria Katsaris to State Department, September 28, 1977


Paula’s copy
Sent Sept. 28, 1977
Cost 34.00


From Maria Katasaris [Katsaris]

I am a member of Peoples Temple Agricultural Project at Port Kaituma. I am extremely happy here, am engaged to be married to one of our young doctors. I am in the same project as Miss [Carolyn] Looman, whom you inquired about in the past. My father, Steve Katasaris, is upset that I am living in Guyana in an interracial community as he is a known racist and supporter of the Greek Military junta. Because of the teachings of my church, I have tried to be cordial to him, and told him that he could come down to visit me with some other guests who were coming down in October, including several church people and the California Superintendent of the Methodist Churches who was coming down to visit his two children. But my father got insulting and mentioned taking court action to get me away from here, and his behaviour brought back some painful experiences from my childhood. I am 23 years of age, and I will NOT see my father.