Contents of Laurence (Bonny) Mann’s briefcase

[Editor’s note: These notes from Laurence (Bonny) Mann’s briefcase were copied by Paula Adams. Most are undated, but seem to be from summer of 1977]


This is information not documented which came out of his briefcase which I copied. I don’t think you have seen it, therefore, I thought you might like to look it over.

I don’t see that it isn’t anywhere useful except to put more questions into Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid’s head  about how much I really know.



(This is info I got out of his briefcase.)

June 1, 1977

I refer to your memorandum [illegible reference] dated 11th May, 1977 with enclosure, on the above subject and have to inform you that the request by the God’s Word to the World Mission to visit Guyana July/October 1977 has not been approved.

Mr. Baird for Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs

SUBJECT: Request for visas


Matters for discussion with Prime Minister

Lawrence [Laurence] Mann, Ambassador

1. Gap between ministerial and nonministerial levels to narrow, similarly overseas.

2. General vulnerability. Personal, political, and economic impact on domestic and foreign morale like jackels [jackals] on a [carcas] carcass.

3. Raise Brussels situation re: Harry re: invitation to Foley

4. Security (Braithwaite) taking up appointment as security officer at embassy. Discuss secondment instead of break of service.

5. Discuss newsletter.

6. Discuss Vic Persaud’s transfer to New York

7. Re: Discussions with Ambassador of Iran

8. Andre [handwritten notation “(Andre is Mann’s son who starts college in Stanford University in September)”]

9. Ministerial lean to convene before visit


Matters for discussion. [Handwritten notation: “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”]

1. Discuss with Cde. [Comrade] Searwar the following:

A. Restoration of Claude Worrell’s payroll for one year
B. House to end of July.
C. Maintenance of house
D. Domestic allowance
E. Use of official car

2. Memorandum about Cde. Jonas

3. Discuss note verbal to the security exchange commission

4. Raise question of Andre (later crossed out)

5. Discuss flags from Caribbean American Intercultural organizations CCAIO. Cde Forsythe said that Cde Ralph Chandasingh is attending to this matter. – Neil [likely Chung]

6. Raise the question of Guyana Guidebook urgently. Diana Overland Tours needed to supply request from US citizens 300 ordered.

7. Discuss items for auction for t.v. station. P.S. requesting item to get here by end of this month.

Public Service Commission Matters for Discussion

1. Discuss Peter Halder and Cosmo Hamilton.

2. Discuss fees outstanding for Tuskegee with Dr. Reid and Joyce Sinclair, Public Service Training.

Ministry of Information Matters for Discussion

1. Discuss weekly news brief for WHUR.


Ministry of Finance Matters for Discussion

1. Discuss the question of executive director for Caribbean.

Ministry of Home Affairs Matters for Discussion

1. Discuss visas for church people – a. Policy, b. Talbot and religious groups and image relations with the US et al in terms of a blanket policy or worse, a discriminatory policy e.g. Catholics, Anglicans, Black Muslim vs. sectarians. See impact on domestic politics. God’s Word to the World/Dr. Singh evangelical association.

Ministry of health matters for discussion

1. GUYMED dental visit to Guyana first week of July

To remind – please bring jingles for Mr. Philip Sookar



International image in Congress and assistance
External image and points relating
Meeting with Minister before
Human rights – press freedom
border situations
economic cooperation
Tampa meeting
international politics
Vic in NY/ele
eligible draft amendment
other issues
newsletter, etc.

(I believe this was an outline of the points he was to discuss with the Prime Minister when they met at 10 AM) [handwritten addition: “June?)”]

[Envelope addressed to Paula Adams in Jonestown]

[Second page is letter]

Office of the Commissioner,
Police Headquarters,
Eve Leary


Dear Comrade,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 5th Oct 1977 concerning your application to carry a firearm. I wish to inform you that your application is being processed, and you will be informed of the results.

Cooperatively Yours
/illegible signature/
f. Commissioner of Police.

[Handwritten address to Paula Adams, same as on envelope]