Letter to Adams from GOG on Customs problems, April 6, 1977


26 April, 1977.

Mrs. Paula Adams,
Peoples’ Temple Agricultural Mission,
PO Box 893.


Dear Mrs. Adams,

[1.] Reference is hereby made to your applications dated 7th and 25th March, 1977, for duty-free concessions.

2. I wish to inform you that several items may be cleared free of duty under Item 9(1) of Part B (1) of the Free Schedule dealing with:

“Agricultural machinery and appliances, spare parts therefor, and agricultural hand tools, which the Chief Agricultural Officer certifies will be used for the development of agriculture in accordance with national policy” (Note the underlined);


Item 47 of Part B(2) which provides for:

“Industrial machinery and transport equipment admitted as such by the Comptroller for use in the undeveloped areas of the interior approved by the Minister.”

3.By virtue of the Purchase Tax (Motor Cars) (Exemption) Order 1975 the Toyota Land Cruiser, to be purchased from the Guyana National Engineering Corporation for use in the North West Region, is exempt from purchase tax.

4.The cinematograph equipment is provided for by Item 32 (1) of Part B (2).

5. The industrial equipment and spares for your logging and saw milling operations may be imported duty-free under Section 12 of the Customs Act, and Section 18 of the Consumption Tax Act.

6. The items of personal and household effects pertaining to persons taking up permanent residence may be admitted under the above mentioned sections, but limited to first arrivals.

7. You may also import free of duty books approved by the Ministry of Education and Social Development. A certificate to this effect should be tendered to the Comptroller.

8. It is regretted that your entire inventory cannot be approved carte blanche, but only in terms of the above.

Yours cooperatively
/s/D. Satrohan
for Secretary to the Treasurer