December 1976 correspondence on arrival of Jim Jones entourage


[Letter on Peoples Temple letterhead, Guyana]

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12th December, 1976

Minister Fitz Carmichael,
Minister of North West Region,
Matthews Ridge, North West Region.

Dear Comrade Minister Carmichael;

Bishop Jim Jones, founder-leader of Peoples Temple, will be arriving in Guyana on 24th of December, 1976. Accompanying the Bishop will be the Lieutenant Governor of California, Mervyn Dymally; Congressman [State Assemblyman] Willie Brown; Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco, Timothy Stoen; Reverand [Reverend] Michael Prokes; and the Head of the Council of Churches in the United States.

The Bishop will be meeting with the Honourable Prime Minister on the 29th of December. Also on the 29th of December will be a luncheon in the Bishop’s honor hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Ptolemy Reid.

On the 28th of December, Bishop Jones will be bringing the guests to Jonestown, Port Kaituma, North West Region. He will be arriving on the morning of the 28th of December on a Guyana Defense Force aircraft (the exact time to be given at a later date).

You are cordially invited to attend a luncheon reception to be held at Jonestown for the Bishop on December 28th.

We would be most grateful for your assistance with transportation for the touring party. Two landrovers will be needed to escort the Bishop and entourage from the airport to Jonestown and back.

Thank you for your consideration and we will be at winning a reply at your earliest convenience.
Cooperatively yours,

/s/ Paula Adams
Paula Adams,
Administrative Secretary


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Regional development officer,
Matthews Ridge, North West Region.

Cde. Gregory Gaskin,
Chief Executive Officer,
Matthews Ridge, North West Region.

Cde. Norman Adams,
Port Kaituma, North West Region.

Cde. Isaac Lambert,
Port Kaituma, North West Region.


[Letterhead of Guyana Government, North West Region, Region No. 1]

Administrative Secretary,
People’s Temple Agricultural Mission
Port Kaituma,
North West Region.

24th December, 1976.

Dear Comrade,

I wish to refer to your letter of 12th December, 1976 and have to thank you for your kind invitation, but regret to inform you that I shall be unable to attend due to matters of State. Cde. Ken Jones, Regional Supervisor will represent me.

I shall meet the Bishop at the luncheon to be hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister on the 29th December, 1976.

Transportation assistance, as requested in your letter, will be provided.

/ Fitz Carmichael/
Minister of State – Regional North West Region.

[The Temple letter is duplicated at BB-1-nnn-1 – nnn-2.]