Undated note on Adams and Mann on John Stoen

[Handwritten note]


Paula asked Bunni if he was still going to talk with Rudolph (judge). He said yes. Paula told him stuff to say. Bunnie said he couldn’t do it because he didn’t even know if judge would discuss the subject. B. said “I just want to find out when he plans to decide.” People are saying one of 2 things. Either the (Medical Review Bd. that Leo is on) Guyana court is incompetent or the judge is not going to decide in our (PT’s) favor. PNC is putting pressure on judge and that is why he hasn’t decided what to do (which way to go). B. said he couldn’t interfere. Said it was beneath his position to do that, to try to influence and it would only put the judges back against the wall.

Re: letters & calls – Paula started to tell him about it. B. said he had gotten strange letters saying that Jim should get John & the right thing should be done & people would die over the issue if Jim didn’t get John. Paula assured him PT didn’t do it. She said it’s the same method that’s been used on others. Paula asked if she could have copies of the letters and he said he didn’t know where they were – he got so many they were probably burned.

Different subject: B. said why don’t you just leave things alone PR-wise (sending PR letters etc.) to ministers, PNC, etc. He spoke to Burnham about PT over a year ago & how J was Housing Chairman & stepped on some toes.


B. told PM that (over a year ago) it’s ok for a layperson to proclaim himself a S. [Socialist] but when a leader of a large org does it people feel threatened & insecure. He said defectors are not unusual.