January 25, 1978 Sharon Amos memo on meetings with GOG officials



– he said the law was that if you are communal it was a problem as you are only allowed by law to bring in personal items

– he said that initially the reason we got crates thru with no duty was that it was left to the discretion of individuals and they chose to let it thru

– we said that we should have been notified that this was going to be changed as we were never notified of this law and thus couldn’t prepare people ahead of time how to pack their things separately/he said that the law was on the books and they didn’t have to notify us

– even if duty is cleared this time, it has to be waived each time there is a shipment by Min. Hope


– the judge is concerned about moralities and that’s why Luckhoo didn’t mention about JJ being John’s father

– however if we wanted mentioned, [Fred] Wills would be the one to do so

– Grace [Stoen] struck Luckhoo as being “cold”

– when it was mentioned to the judge by the attorney of Grace and Tim that “The child belongs to this man and this woman and all they are doing is to get their child” – the judge said, “I’m not going into the facts of this” (Lionel said that this is a delicate matter of law, they are not going into the merits of the case, only the proceedures)

– Lionel can’t present it about JJ being the father unless they later go into the facts of this case (and it is better for us if it is thrown out on proceedure)

– the judge might be waiting for the “dust to settle” before he makes his decision

– the Chancellor had asked the judge to review his decision before arrest orders were made, the judge said at the time “I know I’m right”

– Judge [Aubrey] Bishop is the most Junior Judge, he’s a new judge, only has been a judge for one year, he’s lost every single appeal case, he has no depth


– in the final analysis you’ll win, I’ll stake my reputation on that

– I would not be a part of your losing, I would not allow it

– I stake 30 years of experience on the fact You’ll win in the final analysis


– the judge has reserved his decision

– he will decide all 3 parts of the summons to remove the orders

– Hughes already has started proceedings against Joyce [Touchette] and the others mentioned calling on them to produce the child (the fact they have been unsuccessful in getting an order to produce the child shows they are ineffectual

– the person who is entitled to the custody is not necessary [necessarily] the person who has physical custody

– if they serve on Joyce that she bring the child to ct. [court] or respond to Grace’s affidavit that the child be brought to Court, Joyce merely says, I do not have physical custody” (though she is entitled to physical custody)

– they can’t go any further than that/they can’t force anybody to bright [bring] the child to court unless someone admits physical custody

– Luckho’s sentiments and morality are on our side

– if Bishop doesn’t decide in our favor, he’s subject to the full court (3 judges) (and he’s never won an appeal, if they the full court don’t decide in our favor it goes to the appeal court

– Grace Stoen’s affidavit came from an American proceeding and is not tenable here

– if JJ wants to come to Georgetown or travel, nothing will be served so he is free to travel

– when we mentioned about their making calls to the judge (Stoens)/he said they are “wicked people”

– he said we have all the plays on our side, they can’t touch you, can’t harm


[The reverse side of page BB-1-jjj-1 is scratch paper and was not transcribed]