Deborah Touchette memo of November 11, 1978


November 11, 1978


Talk with Hanoman: Sharon said that she thought that Guyanese money might loose it’s [lose its] value and Hanoman said he didn’t know about that. She said that might be why Jim is a little reluctant to take Guyanese money from him.

He said when he talked to Maria [Katsaris] it was at a time when the case was still in court but now it’s not in court anymore. // He said maybe he could talk to some Ministers of govt. He said he could talk to Barnewell [Registrar K.W. Barnwell] as he’s a friend. He said he thinks Barnewell likes money a lot, and thinks we could bribe Barnewell. He could conveniently loose the arrest order for John [Victor Stoen]. Sharon asked what about Clarence Hughes – wouldn’t he be upset? He said there is nothing he could do. Sharon told him she knew Barnewell and he said why don’t you talk to him. She told Hanoman he would be more effective in talking to him. He seemed like he would be willing to talk to Barnewell, and Sharon told Hanoman that we would have to think about it.

Hanoman agreed that they sounded like troublemakers, and she said she was going to talk to Skip and [Vibert] Mingo. She told Hanoman that Barnewell is somewhat of a flirt, and he agreed. He seems very interested in buying the property so he might help.


– [Harold] Bollers thinks we should call Luckoo and Skip Roberts and let them know what’s going on. He seems to think they should be stopped. He doesn’t think they should come in. But then he said maybe they should see for themselves. He doesn’t think they would be able to do anything about John. He reacted mostly to the fact that [illegible word] critical things about justice system and him. Ann thinks he might bow to pressure because he likes USA a lot. He thinks the issue of John should have been taken care of a long time ago. He changed the subject. He doesn’t like conflict. Bollers doesn’t think they can do anything // he thought Skip robbers should be contacted and warned to keep them out.