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Dad and Mother Family

Plese forgive me for [what] I did last night. I got some [food] but I couldn’t eat all food. I send some rice of it back please forgive me and I will make it up somehow. Thank.

 Theo Williams


N-1-A-17a – 17b

To dad

For Social Security checks we could keep a substation here to cash them and transfer cash or money order to Cuba dollars. We can always come back after the war started.

Ruletta [Paul]



John (JV Stoen!) said Christine Miller said she was tired of hearing Irene Mason. Little John wants you to know!



To Dad;

Yesterday in service Alida S. [Santiago] was sleeping in service while supposed to be a supervisor. She made other children to stand up cause they were sleeping. I Vincent [Lopez] don’t think it was right. Also in the garden we asked her for some water she just drank the water in front and yelled back no. And then called Stanley G. [Gieg] to hold the water jug. I don’t think that was right. When we were told to give everyone as much water as they want.

Alida said when someone asked for pencil & paper to write up supervisor. Alida said they aren’t going to listen to you anyway. I think that was a put down to the supervisors and she also given nurses special treatment. For instance yesterday David Godwin & Sandy Jones was sitting at the dinner table & somebody put something on Alida’s plate. Alita came back and said who put this on my plate and Sandi said I did. Alita said oh I thought it was one of those guys. Alita also was sitting in the shad [shade] when the crew she was supervising was working in the sun.