Notes of thanks to Jones

N-1-A-24a – 24b

Dad I haven’t changed my mind about dying I will give my life anytime for this cause I don’t want to live to get so old that I can’t do for myself. I have always felt this way from childhood up to now. You have given me the best days of my life. Thank you dad

Carrie Langston



Dear Jim,

I [am] so happy to know that you is such a good fatrther you are so [illegible] fatrther we a hardheaded people. You see so many not trying two [to]. I don’t know I am thankful of everything you do for us for some people is so far apart, so all your great healing is so wonderful of course when you healed the man that got blow up by that explosion oh dad that never will be forgotten so many healings. You have done me and so much to this mean world. I am so thankful that I have such a wondful dad. So be or will be glad when Mother come.

Thanks [illegible word] for everything.

Vera M. Talley


N-1-C-12a – 12b

Sunday p.m.

Dearest Dad:

I feel bad since I have not been able to thank you in the Rally for what you did for me this last healing. But I am afraid to say anything as the meetings are for other things.

Dad, I did not do anything in the States that I should not have done. I did not have money to spend foolish & I did not want any one.

Thanks for the beautiful dinner today, it was lovely & I enjoyed it.

Please excuse writing as I am a little tired & nervous.

They asked me last nite about shoes, maybe if Lane Bryant does not have in store, maybe can get out of catalog, size 7EEE. There is a store on Market downtown that carries large sizes & wide.

Maybe I can find a pair of men’s [illegible word], as I have not got my checks yet & I hate for you to spend so much money on me.

I have a “Back to Eden” herb book in the boxes to come. Commrade [illegible name] said he had seen it in boxes, and I have promised it to the herb community.

1 – 1978

Joyce Parks told me this morn that she had ordered shoes for me.


Your child,
Lucille E. Payney



From Deb. Touchette

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to write a brief note and say something. I’m not even sure what I want to say at this point, but I just know I need to write and communicate with you. Every time I write I feel I must tell you I am an asshole, I know you already know this, but there’s something to being able to communicate with you that makes me feel I can at least flush out the old and start again.

Thank you for the time we’ve spent here in Guyana, certainly I’m not idealistic to think we have a lot of time to live, and I’m not looking at this as if I’m in a paradise, but the fact that there have been four years, where the children, old people, have been able to live without the tremendous pressures of racism immediately upon us, without the exchange of monies… the fact that we’ve had a taste of socialism that we would never would have seen in the US no matter how hard we tried, has made every moment of being here worthwhile, even if we don’t see another tomorrow like I am always saying, I never can talk and express my feelings, and writting, well, I’m not so good at that either… I don’t know, I just thank you for being a dad, a strong figure in my life. I’ll send a self-analysis next time, I’m rushing to get this done so I can get in on the plane… I miss you… and I want to say I love you, if that’s o.k.… don’t know to much about love, but thank you

one of your daughters,
Deborah Touchette


N-1-C-19a – 19b

Jim –

Thank you for proving me that communism can work – even if it only survived a year here. You have saved my life from being counterproductive. I have never seen such character and commitment and sensitivity as you have exhibited. I know your 47 years have been utter hell as sole decision-maker and pathfinder. The horror of responsibility that you have undertaken, your genius keeps me in awe. You struggle for equality despite the imperfectability of mankind. Where others have pushed on motivated by illusions, you continue accepting failure. I honor you more than mothers who shot their children in the past to save them from torture, because you have taken on collective responsibility – Your commitment please me speechless – You love where we all need. You give when we all take. I respect you and trust you completely. You are a man out of place and time. No one will ever understand you but you stood for goodness and that is all that counts. Death is peace and life is sorrow, so should anything happen in route don’t worry. I respect you above all words possible.

Teri [Buford]

Originally posted on March 21st, 2022.

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