Farm report

N-1-a-30a – 30d

Dear Jim…

I wish we could find more fruits, we did try very hard –

We have approximately

1200 civil oranges
500 Lemons
100 sweet oranges
48 pineapple
380 mangoes (eat @ once)

We also have sweet potatoes & cassava about 200 lb all told

Now the problem – The mango must be ate at once!!!

The civil orange & Lemon can be used only for juice!! Civil orange is very sour!!

There are 100 sweet oranges for the children!

I thought that with the pineapple & juice from Lemons & civil oranges everyone would get some vitamin C!!

I just worried because sometimes I think the kitchen doesn’t like to squeeze all the juice out & I think we should squeeze out every drop of the juice so everyone can have some.

So with the amount of fruit it can be equal out.

I want to get everyone an orange or mango [illegible word]. I could not do so. I’m trying not to be redundant but I just wanted you to know what is here so someone can push the kitchen so as not to let citrus spoil.

Sometimes Dorothy takes fruit for special dieters & also at times I’ve seen Lemons lay too long in banana shed because (I think) someone didn’t want to squeeze fruit!

Forewarned is forearmed. I honestly don’t like to be so critical & I know the kitchen does the best it can but it’s just depressing trying to find fruit & we don’t find it.

I talked to Agriculture minister from the area called “Charity” this week & he gave the names of men I can see for mangoes – So I’ll try very hard to get fruit this week!! If it’s possible, I’ll get fruit!! Somehow

Oh. Jim Holder was extremely friendly. He went out of his way for us & talked, shook hands. I don’t know why, but he since had a different attitude!

Thank God for small changes! (Smile) ha ha

Don’t worry about us – we will be trying for fruit

Give Patricia & Tyrone my love please

See you – take care. Don’t worry. Much love! Patty [Cartmell]