Joyce Touchette complains about husband Charlie


To: Jim Jones
From: Joyce Touchette
Re: Charlie Touchette

Dear Jim

I decided to write to you and confess what I have done. I want you to know that no one else knows anything about this or assisted me in any way.

If you will remember several months ago when the nurses (Annie More ect.) reported some drugs had been stolen. Well I took them, also drugs from the Dr. Office. I also kept the drugs that different people turned in before the medical staff got here.

I have been giving this medication to Charlie. At this time, he is at the point where he cannot talk – walk – eat by his self. None of his body functions are working. I shall continue giving him this medication until he is completely gone – dead.

The reason I am doing this. Charlie has treated me & our children badly all there [their] lives. He wanted to fuck nightly, if I refused he would lecture me for hours on wifely dutys. Even when he would fuck another woman he would want to fuck me the same day. He expected me to stay home do the cooking – keep house clean & stay sexy ready to fuck at any time he was ready. He would really get mad if I had to take care of the children at his great time of need (sex wise).

Charlie’s drinking & golf & women came first, as long as the boys were in sports, then they could get what they wanted.

I feel he has hurt enough people with his negativity. Even under all these drugs he is still nasty.



He has hurt Mike, Al & Michelle. He has even said he does not like Mike & Al. There are many more reasons as to why I’m doing this, they go back some years.

I do not feel any guilt – I only wish I had done it sooner.

Joyce Touchette


N-1-a-42c is a photocopy of the letter’s envelope, marked “personal”

Originally posted on March 22nd, 2022.

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