Strategy suggestions

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Possible stateside strategy – from Tim Carter

Dad – I wonder if we shouldn’t step up the outflow of people from the states. This thing w/ Teddy & the near poisoning of Marcie [Marceline Jones] seems to be a significant escalation in the conspiracies tactics. Maybe a skeleton crew of people could be drawn up – and I’m thinking Marcie should come over here – to close down the Temple. I don’t know what the psychological effects of this have been, but I think we should put our strongest people there, even if they’re new here. Maybe Johnny should go back for pulpit duty & other trusted workers to provide the push. If we are now doing 15 people a week, I think we should push it to 30 people a week – maybe even more. If we can move our people quickly, then we postpone retaliation two weeks or so. When KL [Karen Layton] & I were in New York City, we whipped over 200 people out in 2 weeks. Our skeleton crew solution be more than 50 – 75 people. Then we hit – but not a final thing. There’s a big difference between assault & battery & murder. When the Temple’s business is taken care of – maybe 3-6 mos – then we can go ahead & off these motherfuckers.

I really feel something has to be done now – some sort of retaliation – like I mentioned earlier in my note. The only thing a fascist respects is power – “turn the other cheek” doesn’t exist in their book & they will steamroll & small anyone who is pacifistic w/ them. Whenever we get ahold of these cowards, I think we should let them know that at any time, any hour, they are liable to meet the same fate. We could start a psychological war w/ Stoens until the right time to do something – mainly when they come to Guyana.

I’m not so worried about the negative publicity that will come with our offense. It is obvious that they will maketheir own dirt – and they won’t stop w/ Chris – that’s my opinion. If we don’t show a response of force, I feel we are fucking ourselves over, and making it no more dangerous for our people than if we take a posture of no response at all.

[Handwritten addendum, in a different hand]

fix the hole in the road

tell PNC we are sending 50 into the event

tell US a march around Exam w/  all placards on conspiracy – Interpol, [Sen. John] Stennis, [David] Conn, [illegible word]. Exam, New West



Dear Dad:

My paranoia jumps to the fore when I hear someone recommend we try violence before we get the rest out of there – thinking of Glass House Tapes, etc., way every group has gone down – we certainly are no match for their arms – And it might get the temple set on fire which might be okay if we didn’t lose lives – & if we are not insured – Harold area – which I am not certain at this point! We have the likes of Wanda’s son – etc. – who’d be easily stirred to violence – We might lose friends.

I’d rather sell all at a loss; get everyone out – then send 3 back “in disguise” to knock off the rotters –

Unless it could “look” like an accident – I am leary [leery] – We are indeed in for it here – one way or another – Mafiosa is conditioned against communists & we are now avowed Marxists –

Gary could use it to rationalize his own treasonous thots [thoughts] & sell out – I am leary!

Comrade Tish