Temple members attack traitors, vow to murder enemies (Part B)

N-1-B-3a – 3b

Janet [crossed out “Tupper”] McElvane

Here is my idea how to handle the enemy

I think that we could kill one of the Mertles are [or] some one of them that was involved, how I think it can be done this week against someone not in the church that would do anything for us and let them kill one of them for us so we could make them scared of us, let them no [know] we are not scared of them and are willing to do anything we have to, too [to] keep our people and are [our] freedom. The person doing the job could send up to look like someone else did it.

Dad I’m willing to go back to the States just to kill a few of them especially Mr. Tupper. Dad I don’t want to go back for my own reason, I hate the place but I would like to see that Mr. Tupper and others get a taste of there [their] own medicine!!

Janet [crossed out “Tupper”]

How to deal with the enemy


N-1-B-9a – 9b

Suggestion from Don Jackson

Dear Dad,

Yesterday I turned in a suggestion for strategy against our enemies. After thinking about this over and over, I realize that the thought was unrealistic[ally] foolish, and far too passive and even ridiculous.

I don’t believe that we can keep these snakes away from our door without stomping on them and their organization.

The question is how?

We isolate one of them, say Grace Stone [Stoen]. Follow her, find out where she lives, where she works, where she shops, etc. Follow her at a distance and take enough time to find out who her contacts are and where they meet etc.

Put a large poisonous snake in the front seat of her car. The snake may bite her but not kill her, or it may kill her, in either case it will scare her half to death.

Continue following the scary bitch taking note of all the people she contacts.

When we find out all those she has contacted we do the same thing, to Deanna Mertle. This will scare her enough that she will run to someone for help. We follow her taking note of who she contacts.

When we find out all those who they have met with, we send them a note of sympathy saying sorry that someone in their family has died.

If we fail to act now – they will look at it as a sign of weakness. And we have no guarantee that they will not try to kill another one of our people.

Concerning my first suggestion, if we could spread that kind of rumor among their own group and have them thinking that maybe the conspiracy no longer trusts them, maybe it will confuse and disunite them and when we make this second move they won’t know who to blame.

Also spread the rumor that you have slipped back into the country. This will add to their fear.

I will volunteer my services to be a sniper with a high-powered rifle to kill Elmer Mertyl [Mertle]. I know I could do it and get away.


N-1-B-10a – 10b

I’d like to see us kidnap some folks take care of them & drop them in another state (disassembled) –

Also if Beasley wasn’t killed, I like to contact him to avenge Chris’ death – he has heavy jail sentence over his head – has little to lose – and I think would like nothing better than to off some fools. Also for properties that have been rough to move, should be destroyed, providing we check on insurance, then simultaneously destroy of running dogs’ property – apartments, houses, autos what have you.

Lee [Ingram]

What’s the possibility of checking contact w/ some of Doc Finkle’s people. I know that’s risky but we haven’t much to lose – also simultaneously we should move our folks post haste.


N-1-B-11a –11b


I agree the enemy cannot get away with this violence, but we must be sure we don’t play into their hands as I am sure they want to push us into confrontation.

I think we must indeed repay them for this, so they will know we are not afraid, and that we mean business.

Perhaps we need to reach out to any stateside help we have to handle this repayment if it’s done before all of our people get here. Violence happens on the street every day (you understand). It must be done well, and with much forethought.

I agree that our people back there are two [illegible word] in the US, and you may well mean the difference in getting here if this occurred now (by their hands).

If Stoens are coming over here maybe they could be met and taken care of (perhaps they could be conveniently lost in the jungle (deep in the jungle) you understand). Perhaps Norman Ijames could pilot a plane or [Mike] Prokes (could maybe switch places in midstream with regular pilot ([illegible word] who understood our situation). I have heard of plane doors coming open and people falling out (plane trouble and conveniently some parachutes did not open.)

Stoens could be invited out and offered free plane ride to see John and never get here. If they were stupid enough to do so.

Of course one of us could just kill one of these enemies as a retaliation. It really depends on what we want to do – (1) If we want to hold off full-scale retaliation until all our family gets here, then we may just want to scare them very badly until the proper time to move further. (2) Probably our last stand could be taken where we are altogether. (3) Could take hostages, but we have so many un-variables here with us one never knows where [4 lines illegible] (5) If they come on our property (uninvited) and of course one never admits to inviting enemies here) this would be grounds for shooting them. You know new members don’t necessarily know what they look like (one could say). Of course they would not identify themselves – no choice but to shoot them. (6) Maybe our enemies could be slipped poison. (7) Danger of them going after Marcie (or any members) if killing is done in US (something to consider) (8) Maybe it will be better to hit at one of the lesser enemies first (don’t know if this would [illegible word] the others off or not. I do imagine they will all get theirs one day, whichever would be the most [illegible word] for us at this time and point. (9) I am willing to do whatever I can at any time. My life belongs to the Revolution. (10) Also I would like to be one who checks upon security to see if they are awake and alert etc. If this is needed (one doing it without their having [illegible word] before hand) maybe after regular [illegible word] team makes rounds etc.,

Rita McElvane



Now it is necessary to do something to protect the people up there from the enemys there and we can’t continue to wait for our people to come here. I thought of volunteering to go back and take some of them with me, but thought that you might think that I was up to something. Anyhow, I could easily get in with them, as my patterns of negetivity etc. are well-known and Tim Stoen was here, I could act disgruntled etc. This is a very difficult job though, you would have to get involved, but not too involved, you would have to say negetive things, but nothing the press could use, assuming always that they carry tape recorders. I would have to contact them and play hard to get and let them recruit me themselves, this would take time, but if I played it right they might hold off other operations and concentrate on me, if they thought they could get me to do something for them. Perhaps if I was back there halfway in and halfway out, like if [I] demanded to go back but didn’t fully want to leave and had somebody in the church beat me up make bruises etc. that those outside could see.

Mickey T. [Touchette] used to always try to get me to fuck her in Santa Rosa.




I could let her think that she had a hold on me. I’m good at playing stupid and calculating people. Most of the college student traitors would underestimate me and Tim thinks I[‘m] crazy and unstable. If I could get them together in strategy session, having been here since Tim left, etc., I would prefer Potassium Cyanide and Hydrochloric acid to a bomb, it could be made to look like a final act of conscience or guilt, and suicide, and if there were no contacts prior with the church they could pin it on you, especially if I want to see a shrink up there and showed some paranoiac tendencies, not enough to get committed. Even if I could string them along for a while I could set them up individually or even get shot to death in bed with Tim Stoen, and frame Grace as the killer. Many things are possible, I wouldn’t get caught up in their shit, I hate the States, and Chris [Lewis] was a personal friend.

Jeff C. [Carey]


N-1-B-12d – 12c

My mother told me how witches give you cat’s whiskers cut at an angle into small granules in the salt shaker on your food, it causes cysts to form in the intestine which even finally block the bowels and kill a person. It looks like a natural death and the autopsy can’t find anything as the granules are absorbed by the flesh and would be difficult to find – it is also a long slow painful death. I think a person has to eat it several times. However we need to do something a little more quickly than this to back the enemy off – though I must be careful not to do anything that would play into the hands of the conspiracy. (Ron Talley tells me Grace used to like to go boating, which makes it easy to arrange an accident.

Buy [But] death of the traitors themselves would have to look like an accident at this time, unless you wanted to play it off as an act by some of Chris’ associates outside of the church and then drop some hint of another of the traitors that it wasn’t. Of course you can always plant drugs on people, or murder them in compromising circumstances, such as homosexual situations and make sure the press gets in on it. I remember that some of us signed suicide notes and some of these might be used on these people.

General harassment like letters made from cut out newspapers and telephone calls, or breaking in and leaving things in people’s cars and houses can be good. If any of them go to parties where drugs are used then you can dose them and set them up in something irrational on their way home. A heavy dose of some hallucinogen can cause brain damage, and as long as they can’t prove anything and other circumstances look compromising, it’s hard for people to try to make a case, especially if we get the first press coverage.

Jeff C. [Carey]




I could call Mickey [Touchette] – tell her she was right – that I was afraid to talk on the radio and then I want to get out of here. Ask her if she ment [meant] it when she said she would send me money to get out of here.

Get in the group with all of them in a meeting – poison

Joyce [Touchette]




Dear Dad:

Re: The people in the states who ever the S.B. [sons of bitches] are, speak the words and have them wiped out. I wouldn’t fool with it, let the chips fall where they may.

Thank you.

Amanda Fair


N-B-1-17a – 17b

Dear Jim

Re: Chris’ murder & conspiracy step up.

Solution: Something impressive for enemys to put some stumbling blocks in their plans, also can increase their fear and own mental harassment. They know your goodness & mercy what would get nervous & reconsider if something was to happen.

With our concern for getting our people out, I don’t feel we can do all we’d like to or completely say fuck our reputation until their [they’re] safe.

But… We could have particular things happen to make impression on particular lives such as Tim, Grace, Mertles, Lambart [likely Garry Lambrev] & other cocky bastards.

They have tried everything else & couldn’t get to us. Now with their connections ended up dead in the jungle this could be their move.

I don’t know what level of fight we want to get into until the rest of us safe are here – But I do say that some particular spots under the belt hard & drastic good cause slow up & give us people traveling time.

I am willing, available & desirable for serious action with our enemys. Thank you for giving me principle to make this possible for me. Maryann Casanova



Dad: I think Geary [Charles Garry] should be fired and I also think some of us should go back to the wrong place and blot out a few of the Stones etc. I’d like to go.

Geraldine Bailey



Suggestion: I agree with Tim Carter. I believe they will take advantage of us if they get away with Chris’ murder. We need to strike back, as soon as our people get here. There might be a problem. I think some people here, with planned instructions should go back and kill them. People who they wouldn’t directly suspect. Like they expected Chris, that’s why they killed him. Someone who you know would do the job. I definety agree they will not stop Chris or Mother, they’ll keep going on. They’ve gotten one, they’ll think they can take us one by one.

Shanda Oliver



[note fragment, likely scratch paper, reverse side of 19a]

He said he would only be one week. He said he would also give us material so I can do temporary work that would hold up for at least one year. There’s only one catch. He wanted me to go up to McKenzie with him to do work in the hospital there. I don’t like Georgetown mosquito infested city, nor do I want to go to McKenzie by myself with a strange man. He knows I don’t like Georgetown & I prefer Jonestown. So will I be going in this time? Also Marie Lawrence needs to


N-1-B-24a – 24a (2)


I would like to volunteer for personal mission (wipe out our common enemy’s) & feel that a dead enemy is the best. Am sure that it would not be hard to find orther’s that want to go, like Jim Pugh.

Thank you Dad
Al Tschetter


How to consoul our enemys



Ask your friend the Mafia to take care of things. I’m sure he would do it.

Selika [Bordenave]




I suggest the following as long as direct murder is not practical now:

  1. do to the conspirators
  2. ransack house
  3. several near misses in traffic
  4. destroy the car (slash tires, break windshield)
  5. buckshot through the front window from an unknown passing car
  6. paint splashed car, house
  7. robbery
  8. if we can manipulate the newspaper:
  9. print their criminal history
  10. print the truth about their activities
  11. print their pictures (so that those who might become cooperative can see who they are)

PS What can I do?

Sue Jerram



Dear Jim – Sebastian [McMurry] & I talked it over this PM. We would like to set up an assassination team to go to the US & wipe out the traitors when our people get here. Also, Jim, I would like to help investigate the traitors & check out the details of Chris’ death & other things. I can go to work as a Journalist & with my press card get top police information. It is easy for me to check people out. I can go on with the Oakland Tribune again for Lake & Mendocino Counties – getting a press card & thus having a big stick in the Bay Area. Sebastian is on security now but we are going to work out plans for an assassination team.

Thank you, Jim
Penny Silver [Dupont]

Originally posted on March 22nd, 2022.

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