Temple members pledge to avenge Chris Lewis’ murder

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N-1-B-4a – 5b

Mary McElvane

Chris Lewis my commrad [comrade] & brother, he was a good man, he did things he shouldn’t have, but he stood up for the church, was willing to give his life for you, Dad, he was willing to kill the enemy. That’s a hell of a lot more then [than] most of us would do.

The emeny [enemy] killed my brother, the emenies should be killed off.

I would be willing myself to go back to SF and find every last one of those morther [mother] fuckers a [and] kill them off. I would not let them die easy, I would make the [them] suffer, for the help the have put you through, Dad, and how the are trying to bring down the name of communism. Before I kill them all I could get a hold of the ring learders Grace & Tim Stone [Stoen], Mertles, scare them to deaf [death], by letting them see the other killed off one by one. I would save them for last and save the worst pain for them. All the time, before I would kill them I would remind them of what they have done, who they have betrayed.

Mr. Tupper I would especially get him, because I am responsible for him, because he [is] my so-called Dad (ha ha shit). I belive that I would put him with the Stones & Mertles. I would even make him watch them die, and save him for the very last, he should go through the most. I have to let the people know that even if you are a relative of someone who is in this socialist land, trying to become a communist that you don’t get by, you even get the worst pain of all.

Dad, we cannot let this bitches get away with this, if we did that, they would just try it again and again.

After doing this other people might see that we me [mean] business, and will be afaried [afraid] to mess with us, and in fear the might become a communist there self.

At least my brother died for socialism, and not one [on] The streets for nothing.

It’s better to live a short life and die for socialism, and to live a long life and die for nothing.

I want to die standing up for this cause, because I really haven’t lived up I die for nothing, I believe that your death should have a meaning and purpose. Death is a blessing to me when I did I want to do it right.

I don’t [want] to die without taking some of the damn enmies [enemies] with me though.

I hope you can read what I wrote, I don’t write very well.

Thank you, Dad
Mary Mac



Dearest Dad:

My suggestion is that the three asassin be caught serve lifetime sentence no parole. They shot Chris Lewis down in cold blood. My suggestion to what name of the street here is from the front gate to pass our lumber shed name the road Jonestown Road. The road that goes to camp I name it Woodland Road.

Bessie Dickson



To: Dad

From: Marie Lawrence Rankin

Subject: What I want to do about the enemy

Personally I think as I suggested once before that: one guerilla could set up a chain of bombs where ever necessary to destroy all those major information-holding persons such as, Tim Stone [Stoen], Grace, the Mertles, ctc I would like to volunteer because I feel and always have felt parrellel [parallel] to Cris [Chris Lewis] in destiny and would like to do something to help average [avenge] his murder. I feel capable to follow instructions and if any assignment was/is assigned, please consider me. Thank you, Dad


PS I’m not saying that bombing is the total answer to the problems but I think in some cases it might work. Of course I’m capable of many other creative thoughts on how to rid the enemies of their lives.


N-1-B-8a – 8d

To: Dad
From: Shawntiki Williams
Re: Chris Lewis

I feel that these facist bastards have gone to far, using the press and telephone harassment was bad enough, even coming over here to start shit was rough, but when they start murding our people we need to let it really be known, that they have gone to far. I thought that if they would try to do anything it would be to be successful in kidnapping one of us manually I say in the capitalist eyesight, they would try to take one of the immediate family thinking it would get to you more, but not really knowing how you would really take it, but we do. I feel one of the reason why Chris’s life was taken is because we killed off one of theirs, that they have to do something equally to us, but it couldn’t be in our strong point which is here in Jonestown for the mere fact that it would cause a war, and as you have already stated the capitalist fuckers don’t want to start a Jungle warfare, so they fuck with our people in the States. I don’t know anything about legal affairs, but I do know that if we miss over there too much, our people won’t make it here, we also can’t come down to hard over there because our own people might not can take it so we have people who just might turn against us. So what if we put the pressure on the Stones, Mertles, Cobbs, Swinneys, and whoever else is involved but also find out where the CIA’s base is here in Guyana if there is one. And put some type of pressure on them. Or when they start harassing us with their assinnations make sure we kill another one of them off.

But I don’t know they might try to take another one of our people, but then again with the pressure they’ll find out we aren’t fuckin’ around.

The way I feel right now would be to meet fire with fire, but I know this isn’t possible. Still I don’t know it’s just a suggestion.

Thank you Dad
Shawntiki Williams

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N-1-B-13a – 13b

To: Dad
From: Bea Orsot

Re: Suggested stradegy re accusations surrounding Chris

  1. Get another attorney preferably black whose [who’s] not chicken shit.
  2. Seek state-signed advice from Yvonne Golden & Lt. Gov. Dymally
  3. Through media, let them know we are wise to conspiracy tactics re Chris
  4. Out of barrel of gun, let one of traitors have it – Grace S. [Stoen]
  5. Cell church, all real estate, get our people (all of them) out of SF ASAP. Maintain another base outside California until the last one arrives.
  6. Set up radio contact outside California



I think we could do the same thing that they did, get rid of one to son bitch and use the same technique, they use.

Bruce Turner



Dad I would like to have the drive up to Linnetta’s [Lynetta Jones] plot call[ed] Linneta Drive.


N-1-B-21a – 21b

From Mary Lou Clancey


Re: The murder of Chris Lewis

if we could get the interest of one of the investigative reporters who have written positively on our behalf concerning the conspiracy to write (and get in print) the story of Chris Lewis and his connection with PT. Outlining the trial in SF (some of the extenuating circumstances involved such as foul play in WAPAC etc.), how JJ paid for his attorney, how members attended his trial (all of this because of the generosity he had given to our Xmas program), how he helped in our drug rehab program and acted as a big brother & counselor to many wayward youth.

This may be way-off but I thought that it could act as a rebuttal to the accusation that he worked “drug traffic” for us. The information about foul play in WAPAC should be on record as evidence in the trial because it was definitely discussed (and Chris’s attempts to stand in the way of it) during the course of the trial.




Dear dad in my small I feel the last of our Camrad [Comrade]  Chris Lewis the Pain Small But I feel it I would like these people to die slowly


And apear to them every day they are suffering and talk them.

And tell them you thought Kill me But did not

Elsie Bell


N-1-B-22b is reverse side of note, scratch paper, not transcribed


N-1-B-23a – 23b


In the 16 years of this life, I’ve learned that the only reason to live or die is communism. I pledge myself to you and communism until I die.

I am very sorry for what happened to Chris, but in my heart it only makes me that much more ready to die, killing our enemy – capitalism. I feel so much hate towards those that have started the conspiracy against us. In my heart I am will [willing] to do anything to repay those who are responsible. Even if it means going back to the fascist US, I am willing to do anything, but if fesible [feasible] I’d like to get into explosives. If possible could books and information be gotten from the US, so someone could start reading and self learning.

I feel the time to show at [all] those that have left, that we are not going to run with our tails between our legs. But we are going to tore [tear] with our teeth bared and claws ready.

With all my respect, Don Casanova


N-1-B-28a – 28b


To: Dad

Fr: Bea Orsot

Re: New stradegy [strategy] for protest against murder of Chris Lewis

Mass demonstration in Washington, DC around White House with definitive signs spelling exact protest re Chris and all persecution we have endured. Get physical support of Russia, particularly, & in the other socialist/communist countries – (1) at least from each country. Also get physical support fr groups anywhere in US that support us. Include somehow Rosalynn Carter’s support of us – at least on a sign – in large big size her picture of you & her & put on sign.

Have some people fast or threatened to set themselves afire after pouring gasoline on body. I personally volunteered to do letter underscored. (I am familiar w/ Washington DC). This way – we get international recognition. Don’t deal with the little shits in SF. Start at the top & work down.


N-1-B-29a – 29b

To Dad;

Said the conspirators ([Joe] Mazor, Myrtle [Deanna Mertle], [Tim] Stoen, etc.) are directly responsible for the young man’s death because of the lies they’ve told about our group. Chris was not into drug traffic but trying to find out more about what others are behind this conspiracy – If the killers are not caught we can apply that they were hired killers and leave those who hear our side to make their own decision about who set it up. We could lean heavily on Mazor and his prison sentences and associations with convicts. (Anyone in jail associates with convicts so we don’t have to say when he kept company with convicts or ex-convicts.

Ron Talley

PS If there is someone in the US we can trust to handle it we could help those responsible to have an accident (all on the same day) to let the enemy know we will fight fire with fire. If violence does not touch them it’s very easy for them to cause violence, but if they know we want an eye for an eye, they will think twice. We cannot let them pick us off one at a time. It may be best to get as many as possible out before we start our clean-up over there.



I feel they should be dealt with the same way Chris was dealt with. I would like to waste as many of them as I could knowing I would be. I think it would be worth dying shot even if only one went down with me.

Tom KIce



Dear Jim, I don’t think the killing of Chris Lewis will stop there, ever since Tim Stone [Stoen] has been there he was afraid of Chris and if something don’t be done it will be another Peoples Temple member killed; if we let this go by there going to do something else who is close to us. I think something should be done to the Myrtles, and Tim Stone. It runs in threes, please put protection around Jack Beam & Rev. Hymes [Archie Ijames] and his son [Norman]. I know you have protection around Mother [Marceline], but those others stay on my mind.

Bernice Thomas


N-1-B-35a – 35b

Dear Dad,

This is a thought or suggestion on the strategy concerning Chris Lewis’ murder etc. Fire Charles Garry if he is more concerned with his fear of the press rather than the bad publicity and death of one of our members. Perhaps we could represent ourselves. We do not like what they are doing so we wouldn’t take any intimidation from the press or anybody else. They think we are crazy wild niggers anyway, let’s show them how crazy we can be. If it would not effect [affect] the safety of those still in the states. I do not know much if anything about the law so I’m not sure how representing ourselves would work since Garry has a “reputation” because the people in the states are so power oriented or look up to people with a good reputation. Since one of our members was murdered after a visit with our enemy. If the person that’s in the Mafia that you helped still feels he owes you something, maybe a few of our enemies could find themselves killed by the Mafia. I think you said that Grace or someone had tried to go to the Mafia to hunt us so I don’t know how feasible this would be. I agree that something drastic should happen to the enemies. Newspapers and TV news is one thing but murder is something else. They have gone to [too] far! These are just thoughts they may be completely ridiculous.

Thank you, Dad
Corlis Boutte