Administrative memos

[Editor’s note: This first document is unsigned and undated but was likely written by Sandy Bradshaw.]


DAD – am sooo worried about my work papers falling into wrong hands…  PLEASE, PLEASE have them buy a bunch of small odd colored suitcases that will go under plane seats, and bring the hand written paperwork into Georgetown TOPSIDE on the airplane when you send the busload… They should be marshaled, and none allowed to lay them down for a moment… none going to restroom alone… going straight on the plane with the cases… If underside, they can be transferred to wrong planes, etc.

I instructed to place each file in a separate plastic opaque white bag, and hold out the folders, sending them later… WITHOUT LABELS, NO ONE BUT ME COULD PUT IT BACK TOGETHER!!! much safer that way. Also will weigh much less. THE FOLDERS CAN FOLLOW IN ONE CRATE, to [Teri] Buford’s  attention. Anything left at this point should be sent this way… All but paid bills files, which can come in the file folders and in duffel bags. But IMMEDIATELY… NO TIME TO BE LOST ON THIS. Perhaps keep the bags on the bus till ready to load the plane… not leave bus alone, but keep security on it DAY AND NIGHT!!!

ONE THING STANDS OUT CONSISTENTLY in these tax matters… it has cost us when others have made value decisions to bypass instructions I gave with your permission! It is outrageous if they continue.

When IRS broke into our crates, I AM SURE THEY WERE LOOKING FOR THOSE FILES… After I left, they would expect them to come along behind… I deliberately jumbled the hell out of them so an outsider couldn’t tell his ass from hole in the ground with them… and now they sent Betty in too “straighten them up” so they could find things!!! DUMB!  If they could find things, so could IRS… Why do they throw caution to the winds?

Also, if Gene [Chaikin] left copies of Apostolic with Geary as he “wanted” to do… I recommend we request return of those files, and bring it all over here… Then if we need to return any, we can dole it out as we see fit!!!


[Editor’s note: The following four pages also appear at B-2-c-1 – c-4. The copy at that location does not include the annotations below. This copy does not include photocopies of two pages from Deering’s Probate Lawbook on guardianship.]


JJ • 4/24/77


Due to the new legislation beginning July 77 – guardianships will have to be reviewed every year by the Judge. This changes our previous stance that we felt we should get court appointed guardianships in every case possible. Gene [Chaikin] now suggests that we push to terminate every existing guardianship that we can and ask the parents to sign permission for the kids to go to the PL [Promised Land] with whoever was keeping them.

This way we would only have to have parents permission and not the courts. (Parents are asked their permission in guardianship matters – and if parents disagree – an investigation – ‘contest’ is conducted – which of course would not be to our benefit housing-wise etc.)

If we follow the course of asking the courts permission to take children to the PL we are back to where we started from in that we have 10-15 workers all located on the 10th floor of the Flood Building – SF. SB [Sandy Bradshaw] feels that we don’t want to do this at any cost – since (1) all these separate workers will have to get their supervisors approval (and think this is the same person – not sure) (2) they will be tipped off as to the common denominator of So. America – PT etc.

SB is inclined instead – to cont. with the individual guardianship operation since the possibility of all these separate workers getting together and discussing the recent influx of guardianship requests etc. is more remote. Then when the yearly review comes up next year – the guardian can write to the worker saying that they are now on a missionary duty in So. America and request the guardianship be renewed. If the court wants to see the child etc. – the guardian has no ‘funds’ with which to make the trip back to US at that time – does the court wish to send the money? (Of course not.)

At this point – even if the parents object – what are their alternatives to effectively get their child back if they don’t want to come? Gene feels that the possibility of child stealing charges at that point in time is remote.

As is the chance of the court pushing its jurisdiction beyond national boundaries in these cases…

However, in cases – such as Arterberry – where the worker advised against guardianship due to the fact that she thought Clarence Moore’s father would object – we have in that case petitioned the court to give Naomi permission to take the children to Guyana. This met with approval from the worker and she felt it would be no problem with the court (going to court the end of May). SB suggests that we only asked the worker about the possibility of court permission to take children to So. America – when guardianship is not feasible. (as it is not in all cases due to different circumstances).

SB also feels that if we follow the existing course of doing guardianships where possible – that we cont. to push the process – as it usually takes 5-6 weeks to have the matter placed on the court calendar. – (even for court approval such as Arterberry case).



[Handwritten note at top of page: “SB will be scheduling Chaikin & following up on his work”]

Chaikin • April 23, 1977 • from sb

REAL ESTATE – will do a separate report for Sunday – for Maria

1 – working on apostolic corporation with Tish [Leroy] – and outside attorney – Janet Evans (Gene sd. he needs to call Janet Evans)

a – getting extension to file taxes – and to file 76 and 77 yrs. simultaneously

b – working on dissolving corporation (within the next 30 days) – (they seem to feel the more length of time between the dissolving and when they file the tax returns the better)

Gene sd. he needs to do some “cleanup” work here

2 – research project: Gene feels that he has completed it – but he is requesting authority to go to Washington, DC to consult with people there – since that is where the tax people who know about the specific problems are

3 – he needs to write the PT corporate minutes (and this is contingent on what he learns from the tax people in Washington)

4 – Criminal proceedings – resolved to date (probation report to be included by SB) [Handwritten notation: “if Charles William released to PT for PL”]

5 – foster children and guardianships: new laws coming out July 77 – said that guardianships will have to be court reviewed yearly – Gene thinks this is an additional problem – if we don’t get a court permission to take these kids – we are subject to bringing them back in one yr. before the worker and the court etc.

Gene feels we should try to dismiss existing guardianships and get parents consents to take kids down to PL instead of keeping the courts involved in guardianship proceedings.

We were previously working on the assumption that courts would not deal with existing guardianships unless something specific happened. This new law changes things considerably.

(meeting to be set up immediately with gene, june, bonnie [Beck] and SB to discuss alternatives – if we get the courts permission – we are right back where we started from and that we will have to deal with 10-15 workers all on the 10th floor of the Flood bldg.. in SF– we wanted to avoid this, not to tip off the workers as to move)

6 – law office is essentially in order to move

7 – transfer of people’s pensions and assets – transition committee – (get meeting together – with Sharon, Carter – find out who can see that these individual companies are written and that these peoples independent retirements etc. [handwritten notation: “Ava Brown”] can be transferred over.) (these are non Social Security assets)

Get everybody to write an undated letter to the people who send those checks saying that “I am leaving the country for an unspecified length of time to do missionary work. Pls. forward any checks to PO Box 893, G-town until further notice) this should be done before they leave here – get list as to these people and have letters on hand when they leave

8 – Social Security stuff – Laurie E. [Efrein] told Gene that they were down to about 1/3 of the bad checks processed – Feb/March is in – and there is a ‘good’ relationship with SS dept. No invest. that she knows of. Laurie E. is doing ‘redetermination’ now sd. Gene



CHAIKIN (cont.) • 4/23/77 • sb

9 – purchasing items for Guy.

a – Bedford trucks – been ordered and sent a deposit – we will order spare parts from here – request lists to Guy. and asked them to send here and we will order them – (this was requested last week Gene sd.)

b – electrification system – got quote from England and the current produced is 50 cycles – have requested clarification – if can be adjusted to produce 60 cycles current – we are waiting reply (Norman [Ijames] requested the info)

c – boat landing craft – lost purchase of one bidding on – have some brokers looking – wondering if Norman should travel to look further?

d – agricultural equip. – Gene told PL he thought that they should buy that there – he never heard further on it

e – Vacuum packed storage-system – (Norman) – Gene sd. these are still not done – it should be considered a priority! (SB to check and follow-up with Norman as he was handling it)


PERCY DARDEN – on Federal Probation – 4/75 interstate transporting of guns//he calls or writes in – got 10 weekends and 5 yrs. probation

worker is Mr. McCarthy – SF – contact worker and see about permission to go to PL (to be set up by SB and Gene to attend conference with worker)

Irvin Perkings [Perkins] – will get off in June – no problem

David Gainous – has letter from his PO saying he can go – no problem

JIMMY MASON – see worker in SF first and probably LA worker will go along with it – (appt. to be set up and sb and Gene to go talk to worker)

RITA THOMAS – age 19 (Carolyn Thomas sister) says she wants to go – will probably be on 3 yrs. probation for theft (of police decoy)

CECIL PIERRE – age 28 yrs., 223 Vista Grande, Daly City 756-5858// been member 2 mos. says he wants to go – he will get off probation 4/25/77 we hope – from Louis. no passport

  1. G. ROSS – age 20 – (on probation til 2/78) – for poss. of narcotics and weapon – just been out of Youth Authority 8 mos. says he had a good friend in there – getting passport – says he wants to go – friend of Cecil Pierre//2238 23rd St. SF 756-5858. Worker is Phil Nakamura, Parole Agent, 865 Page St., SF 557-2637

Kenneth Carter – LA – on probation for murder – age 17 – doesn’t attend reg. – (not going to push this matter) – not been in long time



4/23/77 • from sb

HOWARD [last name illegible] (from LA) – on probation for second time child beating. (His wife FLORA was a member first in LA – now Howard comes// the children were taken away from the parents for abuse and neglect. Worker is black – (both social worker and his probation officer) – social worker recommended family counseling – now the children were re-placed in the home in 2/77 // Gene and SB talked to them at length – Howard had been drinking at the time we talked – but never admitted it – said it was his aftershave lotion//

he says he likes JJ and the church// she is defensive of him and gene says she is very dependent on him// their lawyer is Frolich// we recommend – that since he was just put on probation in Dec. 76 – that this case be put on ice for several mos. until he can get a ‘good’ record of having his children living with him and him not blowing up and beating them// and for him to go to counseling etc. hey get back to this case in several mos.

it would be very hard to pull this off at the present time – since the children have not been returned home for very long etc. and he has not cooperated with going to family counseling etc.// we also thought it would show us where they are coming from in terms of committment.

also they were about to lose their home to foreclosure etc. and wanted to give it to PT (there was a lot of money owed on it) – we suggested they keep the house and get the payments caught up for the sake of having a home for the children etc. in the eyes of the worker to look good.

there are 4 children involved – and they say they want to go back home to stay

ARTERBERRY KIDS: (in LA) – goes to court the 3rd week of May or 4th week – earliest poss.) talked to their new worker – told her about PL – she was favorable – but advised against us getting guardianship for the grandmother and that she thought the father of Clarence Moore might object. She doesn’t feel there will be any problem with getting the court to go along with it – thinks it is a good opportunity. if they wanted to stay over there after the yr. is up – the court can just renew approval. [Handwritten addition: “(this looks very good so far)”]


BETTY FOUNTAIN – has 4 kids – hostile husb. (Versie’s sister)

Deola Christmas – LA hostile husb. – beats her up – told her report these vbeatings to police so it could be on record when she leaves him

Caesar Henderson’s kids – his ex-wife has custody and he has visiting rights – no way to get the kids for any length of time – he has visitation rights only – may have to think of some way the kids can get mother’s permission to visit for a length of time?

Eleanor Long – has 4? children and hostile husb.

Ernie Rhone (SF area) – her ex-husb. came and took the kids while she was away on PT trip – hostile husb. – not sure of status on this one.

[Handwritten additional notes]

(husb. still has 2 of the children)

(My leave from work was approved – I am supposed to return on July 11th)

I am doing fine – my regards to you all – miss you very much – SB


N-1-C-21a – 21b

To Dad for Clearance,

On Sundays, babies have been spending the nights with their parents, relatives, friends. Can there be clearance. Depending on the Housing situation, supervisors, the child’s behaviour, could all children (that desire to) spend the night with parents, relatives, friends, on Sundays only. The problem is that all children do not have parents, relatives here. And Brothers & Sisters’ meeting we are planning to assignment every child a Big Sister, Brother or Parents, & Grandparents, depending on the child & the individual. We know everyone is not capable of handling children properly so all of this will be taking into consideration.

Some children have been spending Sunday nights w/ other families, big sisters etc. Not too many boys ask.

This will give the House Supervisors a night’s rest also.

A Supervisor, Parent, Friend or Relative will have to ask for proper clearance every Saturday in order to keep their children Sunday Night. That way we can check with the other House Parents, school teachers etc. weekly.

A [Ava] Jones


[Editor’s note: Most of the names in the first page of this document appear to be in code. Only the name “Mildred” is known to be Teri Buford.]


To Julia for JJ

From June [Crym]


Last week when I searched the file cabinets Evelyn’s mother left behind to find income tax returns for people overseas as well as here, I found the contents of the safe that used to be in accounting, which we thought had been transported over there. Mildred [Teri Buford] radioed this over already. Martha suggested I write up this report on it also. The contents of the safe were in a cardboard box sitting on top of the file cabinets, open. In the box were all the original deeds, wills, some statements of former members, and a binder, which contained coded minutes of old counseling sessions for meetings. I remember a year or so ago, when Frances and Bea did the minutes, there was confusion over a missing binder that failed to turn up when Frances turned in the minutes to Bea one night. Eventually it was assumed that Frances had lost the binder, and I think she was heavily confronted on it by Evelyn’s mother and possibly Bea. After that, all the binders that were left were eventually burned. The time covered in this binder seems to be between February 1977 and May 1977, and there are also old pages that are interfiled, dating back to 1976, giving histories on people who were on the floor. If this is the missing binder, we don’t know how it got to where it was found, but we will refrain telling Frances or anyone else besides Mildred, Rex, Martha and me who know because we are afraid that considering the past history of confrontation and blaming of Frances, it would be demoralizing at this point for Frances and not important to know anymore anyhow.

If you think it’s worth it, you might consider asking Evelyn’s mother or Ed why the box was left in the room and why this binder was in with the rest of the stuff. However, at this point, we are just thankful that it was found. Security at this point also is irrelevant, since none of the file cabinets left behind by Evelyn’s mother in the room where Lee and Jack stored them can be locked; Evelyn’s mother took all the keys with her.




This should go directly to Julia or JJ – rated first to see if ok – Jean Brown already read it