Report on Joe Ames


May 10, 1978

To: Jim
Re: Joe Ames

Joe Ames was questioned by the following persons: Jim McElvane, June Cryum [Crym], Leona Collier, Tim Clancey, Maxine Betts, Judy Flowers, Ted Holiday, Flordia [Florida] Johnson, and Vee Hollins. Joe Ames had been seen by Leona, Maxine, McElvane, and others at the march today in front of the Federal Bldg, but was not participating, but an onlooker. The following questions were asked of Joe:

  1. Joe Ames had been told by Louise Blanchard, a former member, who is now marching in protest against the church, that Tim Stone [Stoen] said that Jim had ten million dollars.
  2. Joe claims he didn’t know Louise Blanchard was talking negatively about the church. Joe had to be asked repeatedly what was he told by Louise.
  3. Louise Blanchard told Joe that Mary Griffin’s husband was beaten in the FL [Freedom Land].
  4. Joe has been talking to Leon Boussard. He had stated to Leon that there had not been any healings in the church of late.
  5. Joe after being asked numerous times what else did he know about what was being planned against the church admitted that he knew there was going to be a march (this was when the so-called concerned parents came to the back gate in protest). Louise had told Joe that she was not going to be in the march, but she was.
  6. Joe was asked was he ready to go to the FL. Joe stated that he would be ready to go in October. The question was asked of Joe would he be ready to leave this Friday. Joe responded No. Question why not? He hesitated for a long time, then responded he had things to take care of. We told Joe that we would help him with whatever he needed taken care of, but he was still hesitant.
  7. Joe was asked about his relationship with Louise Blanchard. He stated that he used to take her shopping.
  8. Joe was asked what else was he told to him by Louise. Louise told him that Tim Stone was going to have trouble getting his son back. We told Joe that the child was not Tim’s son, and Joe said that he didn’t know it. We mentioned – It was mentioned that Mother [Marceline Jones] had spoke of it in service



  1. Joe stated that he had forgotten that Mother had mentioned it.
  2. Joe was again asked about his relationship with Louise. Joe admitted after much probing that he had driven Louise to the March today 5/10/78, which was held in front of the Federal Bldg. Joe aslo [also] stated that he took Louise home from the march which held in the backyard of the church.
  3. Joe was asked what was the next thing that they were planning. Louise Blanchard had told Joe that her nephew, whose mom is in the FL (Mary Griffin), has stated that if his mom doesn’t come back, he, (James), will come to the church and tear it up. Louise told Joe that Tim Stone said that this march was going to get his baby back, referring to today’s march.
  4. Joe was asked what was he telling them about the church. Joe stated that he wasn’t telling them anything, and kept insisting it. Joe finally admitted that he told Louise Blanchard (Louise was asking the questions of him)., that the services were good, good crowd, we have received letters from people in the FL, Louise wanted to know how many offerings did we take, and who took the offerings, was Leona there, and did Joe see Leona.
  5. Joe was asked who else talked to him about the church, he stated that he had spoken to Roy Harris who has joined the other side. Joe stated that he talked to Roy over the phone. Roy Harris had called up. Roy Harris is the brother-in-law of Marshall Farris who is in the FL. Roy told Joe that he didn’t care if Marshall ever came back.
  6. Joe was asked did he know anything about the various meetings that the so-called concerned parents held. Joe stated that he knew of one meeting three months ago. Joe stated that Louise had told him about it. Louise has also attended the meetings that Tim Stone holds. Louise told him that she had attended a meeting one month ago held by Tim Stone in Berkeley. Joe was asked how did Louise get to the meetings; he stated that he did not take her, but her nephew did.
  7. Joe was asked who else did he talk to beside Roy Harris. Joe stated that he had talked to his daughter, Lessie Ames about the church.
  8. Joe was asked did he ever attend any meeting with Louise, or any social gatherings. Joe stated that Louise asked him to attend but he never did.



  1. Question: Does Roy Harris attend the meetings? Joe – No.
  2. Question: Did you know that they would be marching today 5/10/78? Joe stated that he knew late yesterday. Question who told you? Joe stated that Roy Harris had told him, but as always Joe never reported this information.
  3. Joe [stated] that a lot of information was being gotten from Rose Mary Williams.
  4. Joe stated that he gets a lot of information from Roy Harris.
  5. Joe stated that Louise goes by the name of Louise Blanchard Linsey, after being asked the questions was she still using this name.
  6. Question to Joe – You feel any shame for holding information back, response from Joe: I didn’t know it was urgent.

At no time did he volunteer any information, and kept pretending to be totally unaware of the fact that Louise Blanchard was trying to hurt the cause. Joe is supposed to be the companion of Lucy Crenshaw, who is now in the FL.