Son of Orelia Anderson writes Jones

N-1-c-4a – 4e


N-1-c-4a – 4b are photocopies of the front and back of an envelope addressed to Jim Jones from Curtis L. Anderson of Hollywood, California.


N-1-c-4c – 4e


Dear Sir –

Approximately 6 months ago my mother (Mrs. Orelia Anderson) left San Francisco for your destination. This letter is to serve as an inquiry regarding Mrs. Anderson.

My family has grown overly concerned regarding the handling of mail to Mrs. Anderson.

As you might be aware, we lost a sister in August and numerous attempts have been made to inform my mother of this death. 5 letters from my family with no results. We are not concerned about adding in [any] strains or burdens to you or your organization but we have received 3 letters from Mom and she continues to complain about our not writing to her. We do feel you have inserted censorship in her mail but surely you can see the results are creating unhappiness because she feels we do not care about her and obviously that’s not true. We also feel she does not know one of her daughters passed 3 months ago.

I am sure you have many things to keep you busy, but as a Vice President of a huge corp. I know sometimes we make exception and I hope you will do so and inform my Mother of what has happened and you are holding her mail.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Curt Anderson

Originally posted on March 22nd, 2022.

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