Anonymous letter threatens Jones



I consider it my duty to do all possible to set the record straight. It is imperative that you and your people realize what is going on, and where you are all headed. You are playing right into the hands of international renegades who are preparing to betray you and let you go down the drain… when they present the US administration their comming deal with Jaggan [Guyana opposition leader Cheddi Jagan].

Why do you think Jaggan is coming to the USA so often these days? Your money is your appeal in Guyana. They are just waiting until you get all your money transferred there along with 50,000 dollars you put into defense funds and the government will take it all over. We know all your transactions in Guyana and we know some other things you have done for Guyana. It is all part of a scheme to get all your members on your location so that you can be isolated and systematically exterminated. It is difficult to understand how you could be so gullible. You have only to read a few newspapers to find out the international conspiracy is behind the whole thing, and you are being used as scapegoats, just like the many other communist sympathizers back here in the US. You say you believe in conspiracy but you can’t even see the conspiracy which is temporarily winning there too. We know about people in government there and believe me you have been sold out for money. It would be in your best interest if you redeem yourself with United States. If you don’t you will regret it. Get those defense bonds out now, or you will pay more than money. We can get the child for you if you cooperate. You can’t win. In the end, so the best thing for you is to save yourself now, before we proceed with our plans to get the child away from you. We have guarantees. You can count on our word that the transfer of money into Guyana and you not only lose the child, but the future for you and your people. You had better plan our way, or you will not forget soon how sorry you will be. Face facts, the Guyana Government is not loyal to you, so why be so stupid as to place confidence in them.

If you want the child and to save you and your people, let us know by placing an add in the San Francisco Chronicle for “James S. Black, Meet you at the picture show at ten”. Otherwise, lose everything.

PS Of course you must understand that you are not going to last longer anyway, because the USA and Guyana have already agreed to extradite you.

Originally posted on March 22nd, 2022.

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