Letter from Jane Fonda

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Dear Reverand Jones,

Since Tom [Hayden] and I came to your Peoples Temple we have received no fewer than 25 letters – wonderful, moving, human letters from members of your congregation.

They have prompted me to write you this brief message to tell you again how deeply moved I was by the experience that Sunday – the atmosphere, the obvious need you have so remarkably filled in thousands of lives, how humanly, passionately and articulately you have redefined the role of church, Christ, religion – I also recommit myself to your congregation as an active and full participant – not only for myself because I want my 2 children to have the experience.

I am in Colorado making a film – that is why you haven’t see [seen] me or Tom. But when we get back we will return to the Temple.

We’re real glad to know that some of Peoples Temple children may attend our Laurel Springs Camp this August. Good! Human, community building ways are the best means to submit relations and strengthen alliances.

With much respect,