Tim Jones letter to Jim Jones

N-1-C-28a – 28b

Dear Dad,

Hi, just dropping a note to tell you hello and I hope you are ok! My gun permit will be done in 2 weeks and it will be good to have some measure of protection here in Gtwn. (Mike Prokes was worried about it.) As far as me and Sandi [Jones] there is very little progress, we have been staying together but I think she is scared to go back with me. She is doing fine and so is my baby. Anyway she’ll be on the radio so I suppose you can say hi to her there. I got my clearing agents license today and I am learning customs and should have our truck out in a week. I’ve done some PR and have washed a lot of diapers. The whole house is doing good (working hard and high moral [morale]). I don’t think Karen [Layton] or Sharon [Amos] can help, I think Ava should come in. I told Maria [Katsaris] my rational [rationale] and she can explain it to you. (1) S or K don’t know how to deal with people, Ava does. (2) We need another black face to go with Prokes, especially with Debbie [Touchette] in Venezuela and Sandi on the radio. (3) When Maria comes back they work together good. The only person I talked to about it is Maria, so if you disagree nobody will know. I’m willing to stay as long as I needed in Gtown. I don’t mind the work here and it will be good to have a licensed gun around the house. Well, I’ll see you when I get home, miss you a lot and sorry for taking up your time with this letter.

Love, your son Tim [Jones]

PS Maria is a good coordinator and should be rotated in and out. Also don’t worry about me & Sandi. You have 1 million other things more important things.

Love, TJ