“Marceline Commitment Statement on Death”




I submit this proposal with the deepest sincerity I know and hope you will accept it. I’ve lived long enough! In many years I’ve lived for just one reason, and that was to safeguard the lives of children. If some asylum could be arranged for her children. Especially the babies and preschool children could be saved for socialism and they are young enough to adjust to a new culture and learn a new language. You and adults of your children could go to care for the children, and I, with Dr. Schacht, could stay back to see that everyone else was cared for humanely. I have spent much of my life doing what I tried to ease suffering in line of my profession. I promise – I will do all I can to relieve all here of their suffering. I do not ask for the lives of my children if you think them unworthy. I do implore



you to allow me to do this. It would be my pleasure.



N-1C-31c is reverse side of N-1C-31b, with notation: “Dad – Very important from Mom”


N-1C-31d: Typed line on sheet of paper or file folder: “MARCELINE COMMITMENT STATEMENT ON DEATH”