Names and addresses in conspiracy file


[Handwritten heading: “CONSPIRACY FILE”]

***** Iris Conn is listed as Iris Ridgway at 5831 Huntington Avenue, Richmond. Phone 524-8790

***** Sheila Conn is listed at the same address above, but the phone number is 526-3385.

***** Christopher Conn is also listed in the phone book as being at that same address and his number is 526-9288.

***** Frank Rothchild is an attorney with offices in Mill Valley: 415 Panoramic Way, MV. 383-6503. Name of firm is Bunyan and Rothchild.

****** Mrs. Floretta Sawdey, 2388 – 27th Ave., Oakland. 653-8508. In City Directory listed as no one else living there and no occupation, thus retired or unempl. When I called, I asked if the number was right and the person answering said no. I then called back very carefully and got the same person again. I think it was Deanna Mertle.

Mrs. Lola Gates, 29 El Gavilan. Orinda. 254-5020. Is a widow and housewife. Has three sons, 19, 18 and 12. Two female students live with a woman and I talked with one of them. The woman did not want to talk much.

Mrs. J. Hayes Hunter, 6859 Eagle Rd., Penngrove. 707-795-5938. Husband is a junior high school counselor. She is a part-time RN  in a convalescent hospital. Lives way out away from people, she says.

Television Consortium, Sonoma State College. 707-664-2517. Makes movies for State colleges and university system. Uses television a lot. About 20 people work in the office and the Continuing education office is in and out too.

Wayne Friday, 1095 14th St., SF 94114. 431-1702. Is a reporter for one of the newspapers, but not say which one. Says that his wife is a “political writer too.” Says that he is on assignment and is not home much.

Tim Barth, 2415 Karen Drive, Santa Clara (per old phone book). Phone number – 408-984-1464 – has been disconnected and none is listed now.

Mrs. Wilson, Sacramento, 916-446-2094. Member is a collection agency.

Mendoza, San Diego, 714-233-1877 has been changed to 714-461-7326. No answer.

Phyllis Gary, 2668 Foresthill Drive, San Jose (not Los Gatos). 374-0899. Occupations of people in household: secretary of mortgage savings and loan, waitress, plumber, hod workers

Katina Vasilopoulos, listed in old City Directory as being a cook at the Maple Café. Address 217 Laws, phone 462-4459. (Own opinion is that she might have known Jack and Rheavvianna [Rheaviana Beam] when they lived on Laws also.)

Edna Cross, 719 South Oak, Ukiah. Listed in same old City Directory as above with no one else living at that address and no occupation listed.

[Handwritten addition to last two entries: “We should ask Revianna & Jack about these.”]