Davidow letter to SF Examiner, 11/19/77


November 19, 1977

San Francisco Examiner
Reg Murphy, Editor
110 Fifth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Dear Mr. Murphy,

The business of a newspaper is to REPORT the news not MAKE it, least of all to act as judge, jury and prosecutor. It seems to us that is exactly what the Examiner has done in the case of the Peoples Temple. It has tried and convicted this church, largely composed of Blacks, on the basis of statements made by persons who can hardly be regarded as unbiased. This is persecution not reporting the news.

The members of the Peoples Temple we have met strike us as being idealistic, civic-minded and particularly concerned with the critical problems afflicting Black and other minority youth. In their own way, they seem to be attempting to do something about alleviating the suffering of these youth. This is hardly cause for mounting an intensive campaign against them and their pastor, Rev. James Jones.

We sincerely urge the Examiner to get to the business of reporting the news (there is no lack of serious problems).


/s/ Mike Davidow
Mike Davidow

/s/ Gail Davidow
Gail Davidow
7700 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA. 94121