Notes refuting charges made against Temple

Rebuttal of the Charges

[Editor’s note: The following are handwritten notes]


(1) Deanna Mertle

Right Wing/ now appears to be provocateur/close friend of [David] Conn – who by admission investigating for 7 years. Conn ag. [against] us be [against] us bec. we are Marxist. They worked for Standard Oil. Basis of their attack – JJ is in a Marxist Country. Conn’s own admission basis of attack JJ is in a Marxist country – this shows



clearly that he has been Marxist.

Mertle $35,000 blackmail: stole things from legal files on old people records (privacy) and $$ – Trying to get expunged when they were framed, plus

Mrs. S. [Grace Stoen] – Deviant interest in children. bizarre orgasm when she heard children cry. Fantasize children in torturous situations.

– She was mem. of JB [John Birch] Society. Obviously provocateurs.

Sandy Rozynko – mother is RN here, 2 brothers here – adults happy – one married master electrician, one is a teacher of math. Never collected for church [illegible word]. She never collected a dime. Witnesses here – They had (B) who they can verify she’s doing this conspiracy bec. Mr. Schwartz took adv. [advantage] of her – Witness here who can tell about it. She was a [illegible word] adult, B [black] woman who they treated like a slave – would not



let her go to school.

Estimated worth

Acquired those donations some gave 25% – if wanted to soc. conscience, never a requirement. J. Birchers & Nazis do it – surely we can

Mickey T [Touchette] – all her relatives, [illegible word] parents, bros & sisters. She left as a terrorist. Stole $ from us, embezzlement, undoubtedly led by a provocateur and stole $ out of church treas from dad. Worked in treas for one month as a substitute – along w/ s.o. [someone] else – can’t be accurate but a few 1000 at least. Not watched enough. She left at end of that Mon. – When she about [was about to be] apprehended as an terrorist group. Forced from dad. Bought equipment to blow



up something. Man she followed out a Trotskyite. Wish we made that much.

Neva Sly – X-felon, stole things, pathological liar. Son & dad here. She abandoned her son. Now here w/ his dad & also gave authority for him to come originally.

Laura Cornelius – 52 B [black] woman never gave a watch & clothing. We helped her out of diff. – mentally disturbed – typical Aunt Jane – never understood philosophy

Jeanette Kerns – left on drugs, married a fascist Iranian & announced she was going to live in Iran & do all she could to destroy [illegible word]. Chronic shoplifter. We hope to get straightened around. Never an armed bodyguard last we knew – he & she go there to work.



We wanted to say all these things but att. said no. Truth no defense. Hearst have manipulated grand juries to lie & att showed us. You cannot win ag. capit. press w/ civil lib. attorney sd. they manipulated grand jury ag him.

Garry Lambrev – sex deviant, enjoyed being beaten & Trotskyite. Never an armed bodyguard. No weapons in church. If there had been the right wing & police would have nailed us.

Marvin Swinney – brother, sister, parents in church. Blackmail us. They were going to tell that we were Marxists Comm under pay of Russia. All he says is a lie.



Never overcrowd [illegible word] Hwy Patrol stopped us – they racist. Stop us if we have overcrowded – would have been cited & never got a citation.

One paragraph p. 18 Sect. A – Say “I arranged med. care for its many sick & aged mem. Children urged to do well in school. Also accurate. We do believe in paranormal healing – not a panacea – not related to goodness. We’ve had many witnesses so we did not have to set up fraud – healing.

We did talk about fascism & [illegible word] on nuclear hol [holocaust] – but never predicted it anytime. If we knew it was inevitable we would not have worked asses off.

Underground cavern – lie, ridiculous. Never sd “Traitors would die – no threats



If we had done such would have been indicted. 2 out of 3 have right wing SDA’s.

If fraud, we would’ve been indicted. Slow migration in mid-Aug. Poor newsmen. We were well on our way.

We don’t appreciate ans[wering] this bullshit. Our people cannot take having to ans. this again.

We did tell people to write lett. on issues but not endorsed politicians. Would’ve lost tax exemptions faster than snap of finger. We were tempted to endorse & felt guilty about not doing so.

Warn them – attorney sd. any press about [illegible word] could tie up our properties in libel suits. Any press opens us to libel suits – even if just harassing – ties up $



Possible to throw us into receivership until litigation straightened out. Undoubtedly, if courts were fair we would win – all would have to return. Financially prohibitive. We are fighting for financial life.

Trial – Olivers should come in & state their feelings.

We would rather die than to do this.

We have built up good ties. 90% don’t believe this crap. To review, publicize it to anti-PNC element. Inclination to believe the worst. Self-serving of them to believe the worst.

Only reason Coleman’s friend has stayed off us – bec. [illegible word] such good friends to us. Absurd to review it

If they do this, we’d rather die



– Will not help us. Is this going to happen. Is he trying to prepare us for this?

Legal Questions

Are they 18?

Are they married?

Are they here of their own free will?

We are not up to it! Att. know[n] for being con artist

The people’s incentive will be shot if this in a for. country where they’re doing to

– they came even willing to die for it & full well when expected guy when old-timers pass of the scene bec. of high-level people.

He didn’t deny. Now much credence.

Summer Progress Report

Some time ago we made a decision we might have to die when Old Faithful Harold Bill Miller bec we are not convinced that those who follow will be as dedicated



That will be the last straw. 25 yrs been thru hell. Endured a lot here bec of our loyalty to them. Felt it worth it. Living does not mean that much. They are setting a damn poor president because every right-wing stooge will be down here to divert from prod & $ in court to get people here. The $ we have to bring people here and maintain ones we got.

Ask him if JJ in court about John bec we were promised not. They promised they wouldn’t. [illegible word] convey the message confidentially. We will not sustain ourselves & that will get them heat from the press. All this quieted down. We don’t intend to stir it up.

Group some wanted to eject. James will not send back w/ questionable views.

House of Israel – Black Power – Marxism – causes attack.

Some people support us bec they don’t want others out either.

Ask him: is this a double message here? Does not want u.o. to face a penal situation in US



George – It probably get 24 hrs & then an extension from Mingo.

Mingo – consult Wills. They do not know what is in best interest of J to give extension or not.

– We are exhausted – tell them – don’t give him an extension. We work hard to build goodwill for them & done so.

The House of Israel talked ag them for our people & WPA to our people

We don’t understand why people don’t want us moved out becof them. That is not the feedback we got from religious friends were more conservative. People sure hypocritical if that’s the case bec they praise us & cuss their group out.

To answer those makes us feel they don’t believe us and we cannot live that way.

We have never felt to ask them about things people say pertaining to their character. We feel it should be reciprocated. We have proved ourselves by our good works. It cannot go there if physically or financially