Law Office Report 30, 5/13/78


Law Office Report No. 30 • May 13, 1978 • page 1 • from June

1. Gregory Watkins and Charles Williams – Here are another batch of Mail-In Reports, to be divided between the 2 of them and filled out and mailed back to me altogether. I’m not sure who has this responsibility; maybe Rita Tupper? I noticed she handled Linda Arterberry’s letter to p.o. [probation officer]. Anyway, get these filled out and returned to me. There is enough for 7 each.

Also, each have had their probation officers changed, and a letter from both of them would be nice. The probation officer now is: Lawrence Mitchell, Senior Probation Officer, Adult Probation Dept., Hall of Justice, 880 Bryant Street, Room 200, San Francisco.

2. Regarding sending our supplies to Tish, I have checked for one last time being 8 filing cabinets and found some 77 staff for Valley. I am gradually sending over everything, piece by piece as people go out and I can send duffel bags out. What I want to know is, in order of priority, what do you want first: Valley, Truth, PT, 1976 rest homes stuff, canceled checks for all accounts, Touchette’s old records dating back to 69 (!), You want me to burn the needs slips, right?

3. We are in the process of clearing the back lof of cares [lot of cars] to comply with Redevelopment demands and some of these cars have no pink slips. These cars are immovable, having had parts taken out of them over the years to put in others. Junk yards require pink slips. So, the alternative is to take them to out-of-the-way places and dump them. Eventually they will be picked up, the owner notified, and if no one claims the car, the car will be put up for auction by the State. Most of the cars belong to people overseas so no problem. But one belongs to the Purifoys. We will not junk this car as the Purifoys would be contacted and that would cause unnecessary waves. But, how do you suggest we handle this situation with the Purifoy car? When Mildred was here, she was the contact with them.