Law Office Report 42, 7/25/78

[Editor’s note: The “original” of this report appears at R-1-C-4 – 4r. The copy at pages C3 – c3g includes additional pages of text not found in the “original.” Because of that, C3 – c3g is transcribed first, with notations of changes made from C-4 – 4r detailed at the end of this transcript.]

R-1-C-3 – 3g


[Handwritten notation at top: “To Terry [Teri] Buford”]

Law Office Report #42 • 7/25/78 • from June • page 1

1. Cora Elliott, 2327 Broadway, Indianapolis – see report #32, item 6 for background. The information that came back from overseas was sent on to Mrs. The information that came back from overseas was sent on to Mrs. Elliott and her attorney by me. In the mail this weekend can the attached Affidavit of Survivorship and Warranty Deed, which need to be signed by Marceline & Jim. The Affidavit is signed by Marceline; the Deed by both Marceline and Jim. Both documents have to be notarized. Mail them back to me when they are done.

2. Serena Hunt – first, her property was recorded in PT name and then sold by PT in September 1976 with a net to us of $20,734. Her savings accounts were closed and cashiers checks sent to her c/o Jack Beam in August 1976 totaling $3062.

Kris Kice visited her this week, with Dorren [Doreen] Greaves. The woman has been moved out of San Francisco, to a hospital in Burlingame, where she is on Medi-Cal – they are sending monthly letters to Rheavina [Beam] see attached. Serena is confined to bed, uses wheelchair to get around, uses bedpan, has some control over bladder; physically is stronger than used to be; has gained some weight, no longer looks emaciated. Senile, doesn’t recognize people as having seen them before but did say church people visitor all the time. We have no record of passport for her in James files.

At this point, the property has been dealt with so that is not in question. If we were to take her on, it would cost us over $1000 a month. I think we should continue visits, maybe on a weekly basis, and if questions come up, just say Mrs. Beam is out of the state and unable to take care of Mrs. Hunt’s affairs at this time.

3. Eddie Washington – Mac [Jim McElvane] is winding up the sale of her property on Towne Avenue in LA, for $27,000. She had homesteaded this property years ago, which means that we cannot process paper for her with a power of attorney. Mac suggests we have her sign an abandonment of homestead, which is attached. This will have to be notarized. Please send back as soon as possible as the sale is completed and we will need this to wind it up. We already have power of attorney for her but can’t use it till we get the abandonment of homestead recorded. [Handwritten note added: “(on original set only)”]

4. Carol Ann Young/Smith – Mac is selling the Note on her property in LA; we have a power of attorney for her but it is signed Carol Ann Young and all the papers on the property are Carol Ann Smith. So please have her sign the attached financial power of attorney in the name Carol Ann Smith a.k.a. Carol Ann Young. Return this right away in the mail. DON’T DATE IT AND DO NOT NOTARIZE IT.

5. Peoples Forum, Inc. – enclosed is a letter from Franchise Tax Board re nonfiling of income tax return for 1977. If anyone is going to file a return on this, I would assume it would be done over there, so here it is. [Handwritten notation on R-1-C-4a: “forget it!”]

6. Ronald and Sue Grimm – had a time deposit account with Wells Fargo in San Rafael; their 6/23 notice says that they had a balance of $378. Somebody there should ask them if this is still active and if anything should be done to withdraw it, or was it taken care of before they left.


Law Office Report #42 • 7/25/78 • from June • page 2

7. Vivian Anderson – she left behind her a bank account in LA with insufficient funds in it – she’s overdrawn $784.

8. San Francisco Action Equality – request for past due return. If any tax return is to be sent in to Franchise Tax Board, it would come from there, so here is what we’ve received. We are not sending them an information return, as directed by Chet and Evelyn’s mother, as we are to let the corporation lapse. That also goes for Peoples Forum, Inc. [Handwritten notation on R-1-C-4: “OK”]

R-1C-3b is correspondence regarding Cora Elliott

R-1C-3c is General Affidavit of Survivorship to be signed by Marceline Jones.

R-1C-3d is Warranty Deed to be signed by Jim and Marceline Jones.

R-1C-3e is request for past due return for San Francisco Action Equality



7/24/78 report from Buford:

1. Escrows now open:

a. Ernest [Earnest] Jones – was approved this week, a one-day submission, figures a week and a half, at least, to close. $15,000

b. Roosevelt Turner – still waiting on overseas mail of signed deed

c. Eddie Washington – second deal went through, sold for $27,000. This place was homesteaded by Eddie – that means we can’t use a power of attorney to transact documents for her. So we are sending an abandonment of homestead form over with the latest law office report, which she will have to sign and it will have to be notarized and returned to us in the mail in order for us to close the sale. Mac thanks the deal will close in about a month and a half – that depends on how quickly we can get the form over there, signed and mailed back.

d.Carol Ann Young – 2 problems. The first is that the original Note has never been found so Mac has to have it bonded by a title company, which will cost around $200. The second is that in all the powers of attorney we have here for her, she signed her name Carol Ann Young but all the papers on her property are in the name Carol Ann Smith. So we have to send out with the latest law office report another power of attorney form for her to sign as Carol Ann Smith. That will hold up the sale to get the paper back in the mail. $2000 Note.

e. RWV [Redwood Valley] – Bogue, sold, $2072.12 net, closes any day.

Swinney, sold, $17,236 net.

Pugh, sold, $4346.80 net.

All of these are on 24% discount. Total to us $23,654

But – on all these properties, we cannot locate the original Notes, so we will have to bond them, which will cost around $200 each.

II. Unsold:


1. Parsonage/RWV Temple – nothing new

2. Ranch – nothing new that hasn’t been conveyed over the radio. This one changes day by day.

3. Godshalk Note – no offer yet. At 24% discount, we would get $7776.33 net. We have the original Note on this one, so we don’t have to worry about getting it bonded.


II. Unsold, continued:

B. LA:

1. Santa Barbara – nothing new, still waiting for FHA approval

2. Ernestine Blair – no takers yet

3. Odenia Robinson – no takers yet

4. Berda Johnson’s acreage – recorded in Garry’s name. Showed it this week; very difficult place to show well, mountain terrain, have to travel a long way on mountain road, by the time reach the place, buyer’s enthusiasm gone. [Eugene] Chaikin and Mac went there together once so Chaikin should be able to relate to this one.

C. SF:

1. Edwards place on McKinnon – listed last week with broker; no word yet.

2. SF Temple – Mac will schedule another showing with another broker when he gets the word from us here; this would be another company other than Coldwell Banker.

3. Pets Unlimited – no word. Told us last month they would pay something in 2 weeks; it’s now been 3 weeks and nothing; Mac will call them.

James Simpson’s place in Bakersfield – Mac has to drive up to Bakersfield next week and try to find the guy who has not paid anything on the Note.

Alvarado Terrace: we got Garry to sign the property back from his firm to Peoples Temple, in the event that we have a buyer for the apartments.

At the same time we spoke to him about putting the RWV ranch in the name of the Garry firm; he no longer wants to have the deeds put in the name of the firm but rather just wants a promissory note drawn up stating that PT owes the firm such and such an amount as security for property held by the firm. As I understand it, this is not what we want – because our intent is to get the property out of the name of PT and free from attachment. A promissory note wouldn’t protect us from that. He says if our property was attached and there was such a promissory note, they couldn’t get anything because there would be no equity left. That’s not the point – we couldn’t sell it if they attached it or put a lis pendens [formal notice] on it. We will talk to him about [it] again.


R-1-C-4 – 4r

R-1-C-4 is cover sheet for original law report.

R-1-C-4a – 4b are duplicates of R-1-C-3 and 3a.

R-1-C-4c is duplicate of R-1-C-3b

R-1-C-4d is duplicate of R-1-C-3c

R-1-C-4d (1) is cover sheet for R-1-C-4d

R-1-C-4e is duplicate of R-1-C-3d

R-1-C-4e (1) is cover sheet for R-1-C-4e

R-1-C-4f is letter to Rheaviana Beam regarding Serena Hunt (item 2)

R-1-C-4g – 4i is letter from Franchise Tax Board regarding Peoples Forum (item 5)

R-1-C-4j – 4p are documents from Franchise Tax Board relating to San Francisco Action Equality (item 8)

R-1-C-4q is bank statement for Ronald and Susan Grimm (item 6)

R-1-C-4r is bank statement for Vivian Anderson (item 7)