Law Office Report 43, 7/25/78


Law Office Report #43 • July 25, 1978 • page 1 • from June


1. Armella Tardy – we received the attached request for payment of the balance due on return for year 1976, in the amount of $25.70 due IRS.

2. Burger Lee Dean – we received the attached letter from IRS saying she owes $301.65 for 1975 tax return.

3. Forrest & Agnes Jones – we received the attached notice from IRS saying that the period for claiming an overpayment (refund) appears to have expired before they received the claim. This is for a 1974 tax return, which was filed this year along with other years by us. The refund is $278.

4. Extensions – Burger Lee Dean got an extension on IRS return for 1977, until October 16, 1978. Velma Darnes and Esther Dillard also got extensions until October 16.

R-1C-3h is attached request for payment due from Armella Tardy
R-1C-3i is attached request for payment due from Burger Lee Dean
R-1C-3j is refund notice for Forrest & Agnes Jones
R-1C-3k – 3n are duplicate pages of R-1C-3g – 3i