Investigation of Cheryl Baker, 8/14/78


[letterhead of David B. Fechheimer]

August 14, 1978

Charles Garry, Esq.
Garry, Dreyfus, McTernan, Brotsky, Herndon & Pesonen, Inc.
1256 Market Street
San Francisco, Ca.


Cheryl Baker
Grapevine School
Redwood Valley, Ca.
(707) 485-7790

Unsuccessful efforts were made to contact Cheryl Baker at the Grapevine School on Wednesday, August 2, 1978. She was contacted at the school at 5:40 PM on Sunday, August 6, 1978. She explained that she was training a kitchen crew from the Mayhem Restaurant (located in the basement of the Palace Hotel, State Street, Ukiah, California), but would meet our investigator at the restaurant for an interview the following day at 4:30 PM. At this time she did not recognize the name Steven Katsaris, and only placed him when our investigator mentioned that he was the director of the Trinity School. Baker stated, that she was not well-acquainted with Katsaris as she had only work at the Trinity School for one shift as a temporary staff person. She said her only contact with Katsaris had been a job interview which lasted approximately an hour.

Baker called our investigator at 10:30 PM on Sunday, August 6, 1978. She instructed our investigator not to drive up to Ukiah the next day. She said she had talked to her attorney who told her she might be called as a witness if she talked to an investigator. She said she did not want to become involved, and hence did not wish to grant an interview. After a moment of innocuous conversation our investigator asked if Katsaris had ever made a pass at her. She did not answer the question, but replied:

<u>Baker</u>: This is a small town and I don’t want to get involved, especially with the People’s Temple. I really don’t want to be involved with them at all. So I don’t want to talk to you.

<u>Investigator</u>: Did Katsaris ever make a pass at you?

<u>Baker</u>: Well, I can’t answer that question because I don’t want to get involved.

Our investigator tried once again to persuade her to grant an interview. When that attempt failed, the conversation was politely ended at 10:30 PM.


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Charles Garry, Esq.
August 14, 1978

Investigation is continuing.

/s/ Josiah Thompson
Josiah Thompson

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