7/27/78 letter to Charles Garry from newspaper lawyer

[Editor’s note: This letter also appears at RYMUR B5b (8s)]

[Letterhead for law firm of Cooley, Godward, Castro, Huddleston & Tatum, San Francisco]

July 27, 1978

Charles R. Garry, Esq.
Garry, Dreyfus, McTernan, Brotsky, Herndon & Pesonen, Inc.
1256 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94102

Dear Mr. Garry:

This letter will serve to confirm my oral advice to your office on June 25 that this office represents The Santa Rosa Press Democrat with respect to your demand for retraction and apology, and any other matters which were the subject of your letter directed to the client under date of July 3, 1978.

This will also confirm our conversation of June 24 and your agreement to extend the time within which The Santa Rosa Press Democrat must reply to your demand for retraction as set forth in Civil Code section 48 (a) (2). We understand that, pursuant to your extension of seven days, we have to and including Wednesday, August 2, 1978, to comply with the provisions of the section cited above.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,
/s/ Joseph P. Russoniello
Joseph P. Russoniello