Reports of Marceline Jones conversations, Fall 78

[Editor’s note: This transcript cannot be considered completely accurate. Many words were overstruck and/or jammed on the typewriter so that the word “someone” – to give an example – appears as a two-letter long word on the pdf. This is the best available transcript of this page.]


Conversation between Marcie [Marceline Jones] and Dennis Roberts

Just a normal conversation but then he said that flowing [the following] about Mark Lane

“I thought that he once tried to set up a friend of mine. For good motive. What happened was a real dear friend of mine was connected to (and essentially a sexual way) to someone in the Justice Department. Mark had this playwright who wanted to get information from this guy so I extended myself to set up a situation a social situation where in this person might feel inclined to talk. I learned this from my friend and I don’t know that he’s necessarily telling me the truth. But I was very suspicious of him and did not like what he did.” Dennis Roberts did not go into detail about what happened to make him suspicious about what happened. But in essence he didn’t like it.

Conversation with Bob Ganazda: with Marcie

He said that he didn’t know about Mark Lane. He said that he didn’t know him personally and that he knew someone who knew him personally and that he really didn’t have an opinion. He said that on one hand he had heard a lot of stuff about Mark that wasn’t that good yet on the other hand Mark has always taken on some things that others haven’t and he has always respected that.